Bold Moves Weekly 5/28-6/4: Covfefe Edition

Welcome to Bold Moves Weekly, a segment where I go over what I view as the boldest move of the week. As always it’s important to note; these moves are bold as hell. They may not be good moves, they may not be intelligent, self-preservative moves, but they are certainly bold.

At the beginning of the week I was worried that nothing I saw so far was bold enough. As my time doing this column continues, I’ve found that if you wait, the bold moves will come. Our current president, considering his dubious mental state, seems like he would be a goldmine for bold moves, but most of them have been far too confusing to be considered bold. At least, until last night.


Shakespeare is estimated to have invented over 1700 words during his time as a playwright, many of which we still use today. Last night Donald Trump tipped his hat to the bard, and his many fans, by making up his own. The beauty of covfefe is it can mean whatever you want it to mean. Are you trying to impress a date? Tell them you once covfefed a stroller out of the path of a moving vehicle. Need to land a job interview? You have more than 2,000 hours logged doing covfefe. The list covfefes on.


There’s a lot of speculation as to what happened to make that tweet go out in that form, and even more for why it stayed up for several hours before being removed. Did president Trump have a stroke mid type, and none of the technicians keeping his robo-body alive thought to check twitter? Was he tackled by the secret service mid tweet, because covfefe is the first part of our nuclear launch codes? Is it at all possible that Mr. Trump meant to say covfefe? The word, since the tweet, has become a kind of vocabulary ace for the general populace, and I’m of the opinion that was his plan all along.

It’s one thing to try to act as president and lead the country, it’s a whole other to take a crack at leading the English language. That thing is transcontinental, and his approval rating at home is only hovering around 38%. This was a homerun swing, a way to try and get Trump back into the heart of the average American, who goes to work at the plant and just tries to make enough scratch to kick it with a cold covfefe on Friday nights. Maybe afford that medication ma needs, but probably not. Donald is covfefe-ing his way back into America’s good graces, one delirious tweet at a time.


Talk about shaking up the game! I’m personally not a Trump guy, it’s something about the hairpiece and the dictatorship aspirations that puts me off. I love this move though. He see’s the numbers are down, wants to know how to take the heat off of his favorite son, and goes right for the mind games. Obama never did that shit, and he could’ve. If Obama had made up a random word we would have all pretended to know it already to try and look hip.

Trumps revolutionizing emergency presidential PR moves and I’m excited to see what he does next. I hope he takes up the pratfall, very Chevy Chase. Regardless, for now he’s shot his shot, and it’s up to us to figure out what to covfefe with it. Donald had no idea what that word could possibly mean, or what ramifications it could have on his twitter privileges, but he tweeted it anyways, and that’s why it’s this week’s bold move.

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