This Day in History: June 14

June 14

1. 1777–> Congress Loves the Stars and Stripes

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240 years ago today, that’s June 14 in case you forgot, the Continental Congress passed a resolution that “the flag of the United States be thirteen alternate stripes red and white” and that “the Union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new Constellation.” Based on the Grand Union flag used by the Continental Army in 1776, according to lore, Philly seamstress Betsy Ross designed the new flag with the above look at the request of George Washington. 100 years later, the first Flag Day was observed, and in 1949 Congress declared it an official holiday. Happy Flag Day everybody!

2. 1922–> Harding is the First President to Be Broadcast

While President Calvin Coolidge had the first radio-specific broadcast, Warren G. Harding was the first US President to have his voice transmitted on radio. At an event at the Francis Scott Key Memorial site, Harding’s speech and the radio broadcast that accompnaied it signified a great change in the way that AMerican presidents and world leaders addressed their constituents. Think about FDR’s and Churchill’s use of broadcasting to reach a broader audience. The use of technology to address the public has progressively gotten bigger and better, and this marked the age of radio for presidents.

3. 1928–> Che Guevara Born

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Love him or hate him, or don’t know about him (get out from under that rock), Che Guevara was an important figure in history. Born Ernesto Guevara on June 14, 1928, Che was a physician, author, leader, revolutionary, and a political and military theorist. Some would consider Guevara a terrorist, some wouldn’t, but this isn’t the place for takes, I just relay events to you wonderful people, and keep my thoughts on the matters to myself. A very controversial figure throughout his life, especially in the US due to his communist alignment and his friendship with Fidel Castro, Guevara played an integral part in the Cuban Revolution, helping Castro and his Communist Party to gain power from Fulgencio Bautista’s Authoritarian government. After setting up shop with Raul and Fidel, Che left to support his cause abroad in places like Congo and Bolivia. Happy 89th Che!

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