20 Best Episodes of Flash

With no hold on spoilers, lets find out what the best episodes of the Scarlet Speedster are:

20. S1E01: Pilot

The first episode falls into similar traps that Arrow did on its first episode, too much narration/exposition, but that does not hold the episode back at all. The heart that we all grew to know and love in later episodes/seasons was all right there in the first episode. We also got a cool CSI scene from Barry that I wish we could see more of. And season 1 Wells is by far my favorite Wells. That ending too, so much mystery right from the first episode.

19. S2E23: Race of His Life

I’m not going to lie, I don’t love the end of season 2, but what firmly places this episode on the list? Flashpoint. I was so excited when I realized thats what they were going towards, I love that comic, and that animated movie. The end of the season had me more hyped than any other seasons’ end.

18. S3E17: Duet

I mean its pure fan service, but I love it anyways. The songs are great, the dancing is great, and it is so fun seeing all the casts coming together. The cast are all such great singers, especially Joe and Malcolm. Also, who the hell knew Cisco was such a good singer? This song is just the best:

17. S1E17: Tricksters

I’m not gonna lie, while this episode is really good, we got to see a flashback to the night Barry’s mom died, flashbacks to the real Wells’ death, they tell Eddie about team Flash, and the Wells investigation picks up, I picked this episode for one reason. Mark Hamill as the Trickster is just pure gold. I’m just gonna leave this here and that will be enough:

16. S1E08: Flash vs. Arrow

The first team-up episode was sweet and it was an awesome fight between Oliver and Berry is fantastic. The whole episode is a bunch of fun, and it got everyone excited for the future of the CWverse.

15. S2E13: Welcome to Earth-2

A funny, quirky episode where we get to see so many Doppelgängers, the one scene that stands out the most is the phone call with his mother, but then again Joe’s death was heartbreaking, and seeing Flash captured by Zoom was intense. All in all, a very good episode.

14. S1E13: The Nuclear Man

This is such a big episode with so much expansion in it. The whole Firestorm arc is so good, with so much heart. The fight with Flash and Firestorm is so cool and the ending is really, really good. But what makes this one of my favorite episodes is the Cisco and Joe scenes as they slowly work towards the horrifying conclusion about Wells

13. S3E20: I Know Who You Are

The episode is good, above average, but nothing too crazy. Honestly that is most of the second half of season 3. Consistently good episodes but nothing crazy good. So I chose this one to represent them because it is the best purely for the reveal at the end. I have been wanting Future Barry to be a bad guy since season 1, so needless to say, I was pumped.

12. S1E05: Plastique

We get to see Barry expand his powers, as he runs up a building and on water, which is sweet, but not the coolest part of the episode. Introducing Grodd and Eiling was huge! They are both major players in the greater world they were building. Grodd is one of the greatest Flash villains, and his story has lasted all three seasons. Then if you’ve ever seen the animated Justice League cartoons (and if you haven’t get on it right now, best show ever) you know how much of a big deal Eiling is. This episode set the stage for it all.

11. S3E09: The Present

There is a lot of really good stuff going on in this episode. Finding Alchemy, a Savitar fight, the Trickster appearance, communicating with Savitar, and of course Iris’ death. A great episode to amp up the tension for the rest of the season.

10. S2E14: Escape from Earth-2

Better than the first of the Earth 2 adventures, this one is less the funny and quirky one, and much more the intense escape, and adventure episode. Zoom is crazy intimidating, and the mystery of the Man in the Iron Mask is great. And then to end it all with Jay’s death? Such a good episode.

9. S1E04: Going Rogue

From the great opening heist, right to the ending train sequence, we got a great intro to one of the best characters in the whole CWverse: Captain Cold. Plus the Felicity cameo is a nice world building element. I mean this train sequence is just so good:

8. S3E08: Invasion!

I mean its the first massive team-up we’ve ever had. How could I not include it. The action is great. The banter is great, everything is great. What is probably the best part, all the Justice League easter eggs. The Hall of Justice especially. I am just so excited for any kind of Justice League in any form. Who saw this and didn’t get hyped?


7. S2E06: Enter Zoom

More information on Harry’s mysterious past comes to light, an elaborate plan to stop Zoom, and Zoom absolutely destroying Flash. It was quite an episode. The ending itself is what puts it so high on this list. Truly shocking and horrifying. Just watch:

6. S1E22: Rogue Air

The whole season comes to head as Flash teams up with Captain Cold to take down Wells. Then as if that wasn’t enough, he teams up with Arrow and Firestorm to take Wells down. And it is so awesome:

5. S3E22: Infantino Street

What an emotional episode. The whole time I was on the edge of my seat, both knowing they would succeed, but also having the sinking feeling that they would fail. I am happy to say that I did not see that twist coming (technically next episode but whatever). The entire time the tension slowly builds, and builds, and builds. Then it all falls apart and they all fail. What an episode.

4. S2E21: The Runaway Dinosaur

This episode just has too many feels, it is so good. There are so many moments that push tears, and bring so much up. It is such a moving episode, and everyone brings their A game and puts in great performances.

3. S1E09: The Man in the Yellow Suit

Barry finally gets to meet his advisory, and it does not disappoint. There was the great fight in the stadium, and then another fantastic scene between Barry and his father. We also get Ronnie and a closer look into Firestorm, just an added bonus to the whole thing. Then, to end a great episode, we find out Wells is the villain, answering many questions, but creating so many more.

2. S1E23: Fast Enough

This whole episode is one big emotional punch to the gut. Every scene with Wells and Barry is so good, the scene between Barry and his Father is (as always) amazing, and then the end with Barry’s sacrifice? I mean its just so amazing. Then the crazy cliffhanger ending? So, so good.

1. S1E15: Out of Time

So just right of the bat I love Spartacus so seeing the man himself in The Flash I would love it no matter what. Add on one hell of an ending and you have the best episode of The Flash. I mean the lightning scene, the end, Iris and Barry, Cisco’s death (one of the best scenes ever), freaking time travel! Just, just, its the best.



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