Countdown to Draft Day with Tasty Spoon: #9

Second draft pick of the day to make up for lost time

To quote a very wise man, “I don’t want to waste any of your time and I wouldn’t dare waste any of mine” (Dwight Schrute) so that being said let’s go.

#9. Dallas Mavericks

First of all I’m doing two picks today because that way I can have a perfect number of days and picks left before the draft.


While the Mavs have capable point guards on there roster (JJ Barea has always been a competent backup, Yogi Ferrel and Seth Curry showed flashes of brilliance this year) I still think they lack a go to facilitator-or scorer, for that matter. I think it remains to be seen whether or not Harrison Barnes can carry an offense.


Regardless, with need at the point guard position and only 1 pick in this years draft, they have to make it count. Considering there are some serviceable big men on the market this summer, I landed on the PG spot as the position they should draft for.


Enter Dennis Smith Jr. Not only does Smith have an incredible amount of explosiveness and power for a guard in this draft, and is shifty with how he can get around defenders and to the basket, but he finishes as well. He changes speeds at well and plays the transition game even better. With averages of 18.1ppg/4.6rpg/6.2apg/1.9spg and a true shooting percentage of 56.3% on a 27.2% usage rate, the numbers tell a good story for Smith. He led the ACC in assists per game (6.2) total points produced per game (19.4), and assist percentage (34.2), while being second in ACC in steals (1.9). This point can truly get up, as well, evident in his rebounding numbers and dunking ability. Another thing that stood out to me was this kid’s court vision and fairly high IQ, he is below average but could develop in the pick and roll as well, but a big man outlet like Nerlens Noel would help that side should Nerlens decide to resign with the Mavericks.

Of course where there are positives there are negatives as well. The first that come to mind are the physicals-he is of average height for a point guard at 6’3″ and 195 lbs, which isn’t necessarily detrimental, but in this era you’ll find teams becoming increasingly attracted to the tall, lengthy point guard. Additionally, he can get very jumpy with the ball at times, forcing bad shots and committing turnovers. In addition to leading the ACC in assists, he also led it in total turnovers with 108 in just 32 games. Again, this comes down to a case of the team deciding that the rewards outweigh the risks, and I think Dallas needs a make or break pick. If you take Smith, and he makes, than boy will he make.


Hey thanks, everybody, be sure to check back here tomorrow for the next installment of the countdown! June 22, #staywoke

All college stats courtesy of sports-reference college basketball, all NBA stats and rosters courtesy of basketball-reference.


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