Short of Canton: Jake Scott

Who do you think had the most picks in the 70’s? Mel Blount would be the smart guess, he’s an all-time great, but you would be wrong. Maybe Paul Krause or Emmitt Thomas? Both Hall of Fame DBs. But again, you would be wrong. Jake Scott is the answer. Who? You might ask if you’re not from Miami or Washington. Jake Scott was an all around beast of a FS and was a huge difference maker. But does he deserve a shot at Canton?

Him vs. the Rest

Jake Scott ranks up there with the best of the best when it comes to turning the ball over. In the 70’s he had more picks than anyone else, including Hall of Fame DBs I previously mentioned. You might think oh he had maybe one or two more picks than those guys. But no. He had 7 more than anyone else. Thats a good season’s worth. I know picks aren’t the end all be all stat of being a good DB but most other decade leaders are in the Hall of Fame or will be soon. The 80’s have Ronnie Lott, and the 90’s have Rod Woodson for example. But not Jake Scott.

Not only did he have a lot of interceptions, he consistently had a good amount each year. He had 5 or more picks 6/9 years in his career. Now getting 5 picks doesn’t seem to be all that special, but Scott’s numbers are better than most of the best DBs in history. Scott had more 5+ pick seasons than Richard Sherman, Darrell Revis, Deion Sanders, Ty Law, and Mel Blount. Now those aren’t some casual mediocre DBs. Those are some of the best in the game. So why isn’t Jake Scott in the Hall of Fame?


He has 2 rings, including the perfect season in 1972. He has the All-Pro Selections with 2. He has the Pro Bowl Selections with 5. Maybe the voters got voter fatigue from voting in to many of the ’72 Dolphins? But they only have 6 members in the Hall. Meanwhile Lombardi’s Packers have 11, Montana 9ers have 6, the 90’s Cowboys have 6, and the 70’s Steelers have 8. Clearly the Hall does not care all that much about having 6 or more players from one dynasty. There really isn’t any good reason why Jake Scott isn’t in the Hall.

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