Countdown to Draft Day with Tasty Spoon: # 10

The Wait is…Not Over 🙁

Folks if you’re like me you’ve been waiting for the 2017 NBA draft since the 2016 NBA draft. I know I can get a little ahead of myself but the draft is one of the most exciting events of the NBA season, let alone the offseason in my opinion. Since I’m impatient and I want to give you people my takes, I decided to compile my top 10 of this draft. I made this list under the assumption that each team keeps their top 10 pick, although there are trades I could see happen, and you might hear about them later. So here I go, counting down the top 10 until the day of the draft, so #staywoke.

#10. Sacramento Kings

First let me break down what the Kings need. Oh fuuuck. This is the Kings we are talking about, it’s common occurrence that people say their front office is all over the place, and the draft is their Bay of Pigs, which isn’t even really that analogous because A) the rest of JFK’s tenure as president (RIP) was pretty good, unlike the Sacramento Kings front office and B) pretty much every front office decision is their Bay of Pigs. But anyway, this is the roster that the Kings were working with as of the last game of the season…


So looking at that, and considering the fact that they also have the 5th pick (I’m doing this top 10 as if the Kings will keep both, but they could very well trade the 5 and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised), my eyes move to the wing spot. Rudy Gay is an unrestricted free agent, and if I were a betting man I would say SAC doesn’t bring who back. SO, who behind him can take the starting 3 spot in the future? Is Tyreke Evans, a career 44% Fg shooter, 30% from 3, has played 40 or less games in four out his 9 seasons, is already 27, has 23.9 career win shares and the answer to the Kings long term wing problems? No. Not only because of those stats and the possible injury concerns, the Kings would also have to shift him from the 2 to the 3, which means he is guarding tougher opponents and getting gassed quicker because of that. Ditto for any of their other SG’s that the Kings would have to move to three, some of them aren’t even close to big enough, like Langston Galloway at 6’2″ 200lbs, or Buddy Hield, who just from the eye test you can tell he is a spot up shooting guard, is 6’4″, 214, and is primarily a perimeter player. So, with all of this in mind, surprise surprise, the Kings key in on a wing here.


This was a tough spot considering who I had going in the top 9, which complicated things for these Kings. Me thinks they reach at this 10 spot to fill in a position of need, and my mind goes to Indiana Hoosiers Wing OG Anunoby. An NBA-read body at 6’8″ 235 and an unofficial wingspan of 7’6″, he has a great first step and goes strong to the basket, OG also has solid defensive potential, due to his speed and his size. While his outside shot, 36.5% from 3 in two seasons at Indiana, needs work, it is not broken, and with the right amount of NBA court and defense exposure, which he will get in Sacramento, it can be brought up to the league average, if not above average, in time. The average shot couple with solid post skills, good athleticism, ability to and creativeness in finishing give him potential to be a very solid, if not great, stretch four. With sophomore year averages of 11.1/5.4/1.4/1.3 and 1.3 blocks per game with a 61.1% true shooting percentage on a 20.8% usage rate and a career defensive box plus minus of 5.,4 I like the Kings reaching for him here not only because I am drafting based on each teams needs, but also because he can spend time at the four and open up court space for shooters like Buddy and post players like Skal. He also gives Sacramento solid defense out of the gate on the perimeter, something that has eluded them, while not giving up a crazy differential when he goes to the 4 because of, once again, his size and wingspan. While he does come with some risk, notably his dip in shooting (from 44.8% sophomore year to 31% his sophomore year) and a knee injury, these are risks you take if you are the Sacramento Kings. With more playing time and some tweaks to his shooting and positioning, it could be very worthwhile for the Kings. Crazier things have happened on draft day.


Well that’ll do it for this one, thanks everybody! June 22, #staywoke

All college stats courtesy of sports-reference college basketball, all NBA stats and rosters courtesy of basketball-reference.


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