Countdown to Draft Day with Tasty Spoon: #8

Howdy people! Fancy meeting you here. Draft day is coming up, however slowly, and I’m here to help you through the coming days so you’re not just sitting around waiting, twiddling our thumbs. I know why you’re here, you know the deal one pick each day until the draft. Don’t forget to#staywoke. So enough chit chat, let’s get started.

#8–> New York Knicks

No. Player Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Exp College
25 Derrick Rose PG 6-3 190 October 4, 1988 us 7 University of Memphis
7 Carmelo Anthony SF 6-8 240 May 29, 1984 us 13 Syracuse University
6 Kristaps Porzingis PF 7-3 240 August 2, 1995 lv 1
9 Kyle O’Quinn C 6-10 250 March 26, 1990 us 4 Norfolk State University
8 Justin Holiday SG 6-6 185 April 5, 1989 us 3 University of Washington
91 Mindaugas Kuzminskas SF 6-9 215 October 19, 1989 lt R
40 Marshall Plumlee C 7-0 250 July 14, 1992 us R Duke University
13 Joakim Noah C 6-11 230 February 25, 1985 us 9 University of Florida
5 Courtney Lee SG 6-5 200 October 3, 1985 us 8 Western Kentucky University
42 Lance Thomas PF 6-8 235 April 24, 1988 us 5 Duke University
18 Sasha Vujacic SG 6-7 195 March 8, 1984 si 9
2 Maurice Ndour PF 6-9 200 June 18, 1992 sn R Ohio University
14 Willy Hernangomez C 6-11 240 May 27, 1994 es R
31 Ron Baker SG 6-4 220 March 30, 1993 us R Wichita State University
4 Chasson Randle PG 6-2 185 February 5, 1993 us R Stanford University


So, checking that roster a few things come to mind. The first is that Derrick Rose probably doesn’t stay in a Knicks uniform past this summer, and the second being poor zingi, but that’s not why we’re here.

We’re here because, after perusing that roster, you might notice that the Knicks, among other things, are severely lacking in guard depth, even with D Rose. Lucky for them and for Knicks fans this a guard heavy draft!

This brings us to Kentucky standout Malik Monk. Monk, one of the more talked about prospects after the projected top four of Fultz, Ball, Jackson, and Fox, Monk is a 39.7% shooter from deep, which is expected to rise with ample playing which he will receive in NY because they need perimeter shooting. He has a nice stroke and believes in it, and has some serious range. The SEC Player of the Year in his only season this past year, he put up a line of 19.8/2.5/2.3/.9/.5 in 32 minutes per game, with a true shooting percentage of 58.6% and a 21.2 PER all with a usage rate of 27.2. He defends the one and two well for someone who from the eye test is rather lanky, has good length and speed 6’3″, 6’6″ wingspan) for either PG or SG, has good passing vision, and would be easily movable between the 1 and 2 if given the right motivation and time. He has an explosive first step due to his quickness which allows him to get around his man off the dribble pretty easily, and in that same vein, he can stop and go on a dime, which helps in the transition game, another area where the Knicks need help, especially if Rose is out. One thing that struck me about Monk is his feel for the basket and how to the ball into to it. A combo guard like this is exactly what the Knicks need to not only knock down shots and create for himself, but also occasionally create for others too. 


At 6’3″ and 200 pounds, Monk’s size and strength will be questionable at first in the NBA. Questions also remain about his jumpiness with the ball at times. He averaged 2 turnovers to his 2.3 assists, not a great ratio, and can have difficulty maintaining a dribble when in trouble and making decisions with the ball. Although passing was not his calling card, he will have to get better in that realm if he expects a team like the Knicks, with a need for both a scorer and a facilitator, to take a chance on him. Another concern with Monk lies in his ability to matchup up against elite-level defenders and adapt; players that not only beat him in size, but could also match his speed.

According to ESPN Monk has worked out with the Knicks in a Triangle centered format. Having a guard that can shoot is pretty imperative, and with a five that can shoot as well, well than that means the Triangle would actually be effective for these Knicks

from coachesclipboard

triangle offense - triangle offense set

triangle offense - triangle offense set

triangle offense - triangle offense set

You see how having a big and small that can shoot would be beneficial to this offense? Now Monk can be the little and it works.

Thanks everybody, be sure to hop back over here tomorrow for yet another edition of Tasty Spoon’s Countdown to Draft Day!


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