Tasty’s Take: Durant vs. Bud Latte

Durant Meets his Match?

Alright folks I know, Kevin Durant just won an NBA chip so he probably doesn’t care what anyone thinks, but that still doesn’t excuse him from his behavior. So without delay, here is my take on his post-championship win actions.


First Offense:

Verdict: 1 more year of playing with Draymond Green and no more Steve Austin videos. So sorry Kevin but punishment fits the crime, you’ll never get to see this again.

Second Offense:

Verdict: Three more years of playing with Draymond Green.


Okay well you saw the tape, let’s break each gif down, frame by frame, shall we?.



I really shouldn’t. But I must.

This is the biggest bottle of weak sauce I have seen in a very long time.

Kev you’re an NBA player superstar, one would think you could pull off that move. Not saying you should have the same strength as Stone Cold because that’s laughable, but you’d think you would be able to hit two thin pieces of aluminum together fast enough to puncture them. I’ve been wrong before, though, and this is just another one of those cases.


Walk before you run, sir. Maybe try drinking beer or two before attempting a Stone Cold beer opening move? A little liquid courage never hurt anyone. Just a thought.


You can see him start to question it too, seeing the words “come on” exit his mouth. He then proceeds to look around for help or an explanation. Which is when Draymond comes in and temporarily saves his ass, until…


It appears as the the first gif leads directly into the second. After Durant’s failed Steve move, Dray comes in and proposes a toast/chug.


Before he even cracks it, KD almost looks shy initially, but gets over that quick when he looks down at the beer and has that “yea I’m gonna do it” exhilaration smile on his face, like he’s doing something bad and just wants to dive in.

Maybe his initial shyness was due to the fact that Draymond looks extremely intimidating in this gif, especially to a person having their first beer. You can’t see their eyes, but look at Draymond’s face before they(Dray) started chugging- it’s almost like a challenge. A Draymond staredown is not something I would want on the court or elsewhere, so to get one while drinking and celebrating with the boys is probably pain inducing.


Now I don’t necessarily need to “break down” the rest for you, but Draymond takes it like a champ/man and KD takes it like the opposite of those two things. Even if that first taste was mostly foam, which it probably judging by the tape, suck it up and power through, A) you just won a damn NBA championship and B) there are many many reporters filming you for that very reason.


Now I’m not saying I agree with the decision that the Durantula to spit that beer out, especially considering he was being filmed, but there are a things he could say that should help his case.





The dude just won an NBA chip, there are no excuses, maybe we give alcoholics a pass on this one but even that’s up for debate.




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