Never Nap Through your Drink/Snack Order Again – Hire a Small Child to Pull on Your Leg Hair

Tired of going through the whole ordeal of getting on a plane only to miss your complimentary drink or snack order because you were napping?  Well not anymore!

Luckily for you, airline companies have heard your cries and are offering the opportunity to hire small children to pull on your leg hairs, so that you can be sure to get your plastic cup of 90% ice and 10% ginger ale that you are entitled to.  Never again will you be empty handed as you look to the person in the seat next to you in envy as they take their first and final sip of their drink, and then listen to them brag in your face as they chew on ice for the remainder of flight.  For a small subscription fee of $14.99 a month plus one year commitment fee, you can hire yourself a small child to pull on your leg hair constantly throughout the flight ensuring you’ll be awake to be able to order your drink and savior that single sip of soda, but more importantly munch on that ice.

If you’d like to know about the real story behind the video which I do not own:

The clip, which was taken by passenger Christiano Ochoa, shows the boy reaching round the seat in front to pluck Ochoa’s leg hairs with his fingers.

Writing on YouTube, Ochoa said that the child’s antics had woken him up from his nap – before he decided to film the bizarre incident.

He speculated that either the child had never seen such a hairy leg before, or else he was just really bored.

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