Pence Hires Outside Counsel and Trump “Might” Be Under Investigation For Obstruction

The Vice President followed suit with his superior today by hiring and outside attorney to deal with the smorgasbord of investigations into the links between the Russian government and the Trump presidential campaign. There have also been numerous reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating the President himself for possible obstruction of justice.

Don’t worry though, Trump said it was all a witch hunt, so Mueller probably opened and shut Trump’s manila folder as soon as he saw Twitter this morning during his daily constitutional. Oh wait, calling an investigation a witch hunt is literally the most suspicious thing you could do in that position. That’s what I really don’t get about Trump: for a guy who’s supposed to big this big-dick alpha male he’s shockingly thin-skinned and hot under the collar as he faces increasing pressure.

And I understand that he’s trying to control the story and “change the narrative” by talking about it as much as he does, but he’s delusional if he thinks he can convince the majority of the country that his word is more credible than that of numerous respected government officials. He seems to be forcing the American people to make up their minds as to whose side their on, even as thing after thing comes out implicating senior members of his campaign staff in sketchy meetings with Russian officials. Maybe I’m too dumb to understand that The Donald is a mastermind, maybe he’s totally fucked. Only time will tell.

Remember how I said that calling the investigation a witch hunt was the most suspicious thing he could do? Well, I lied. First rule of politics is don’t believe everything you hear. The actual most suspicious thing you could do is hire an outside lawyer when you already have an entire high-level government office (Office of Legal Counsel) devoted to protecting your legal interests AND your allowed to declare anything you want privileged information. The P and VP hiring outside attorneys begs the question of what they could have done to need all of this extra legal protection.

In all fairness, I can kinda see that Trump would want his legal affairs in the hands of someone he trusts more than the OLC because his outside counsel isn’t subject to any sort of governmental oversight. And if you’re a Breitbart guy (like Trump) you’re probably really worried that the OLC has been infiltrated by “The Deep State” and is secretly conspiring against Trump and the rest of white America, so the hiring of outside counsel could just be a sign of craziness and stupidity rather than guilt.

If you ask me, I think Pence is only hiring outside counsel because Trump asked him to. Pence seems too smart to have actually done anything to implicate himself in the Russia scandal. Remember Mike Flynn? It seemed a bit convenient that Pence was the guy that Mike Flynn “lied to.” It’s possible that Pence has been blissfully ignorant to the Russia buffoonery, but at the very least he’s been smart enough to cover up his tracks. That’s the mark of an experienced politician.

So Pence probably doesn’t have any real need for outside counsel besides to make Donnie Little Hands feel a bit less insecure. God I hope this investigation picks up the pace, because when he testifies under oath it’s gonna be E-LEC-TRIC, not to mention all the clever “Trump On Trial” type headlines that will be coming out all over Twitter and shit.

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