This Day in History: June 17

1. 1775–> Battle of Bunker Hill

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On the 1775 day of June 17 British general William Howe and his troops found their way to the Charlestown peninsula and engaged with American militia at Breed’s Hill. ALthough the name says Bunker Hill, a majority of the fighting actually took place on Breed’s Hill, a fortified position adjacent to Bunker Hill. While the battle was an L for the American side, most historians consider it a pyrrhic victory, one that while technically was lost, saw the British lose many more troops than anyone had expected, which gave hope to the colonists an sent morale sky high in what would become a building block for the rest of the war. For our ancestors involved, we thank you greatly!

2. 1885–> Statue of Liberty

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June 17 in the year 1885 a gift from the French arrived in New York Harbor. The gift, what would instantly become a shining symbol of American value, was of course the Statue of Liberty. Meant to celebrate the American Revolution and the many many years of friendship that the two countries have lived through, it was designed by Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, and most people don’t know that the artist actually got help from the engineer who would later design the Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eiffel. Completed in France in 1884, it came here the next year and was dedicated by President Grover Cleveland in the fall of 1886, and has been welcoming people into this nation ever since!

3. 1972–> Watergate Burglars Arrested
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Early in the morning on June 17, 1972, several men were caught breaking into the Watergate office building’s sixth floor, which was at the time the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee. The five men apprehended were found with cameras and film, tools for burglary, and several tiny tear gas guns, about the size of a pen. wiretapping and bugging technology was found in the rooms entered by the men, three of whom were Cuban exiles, one was a CIA agent (James McCord) who was later found to be a salaried employee of Nixon working on his reelection campaign, and the last was a Cuban American. They were charged with possession of implements of crime and felonious burglary, and what followed was a constitutional crisis that would shake up the American political scene. Tricky Dick you fiend!



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