Movies of the Week: Father’s Day Edition

Happy Father’s Day to all! This week I thought I’d share a few movies that my father and I love to watch. These aren’t the best movies in the world, but love watching them all the same.

The Internship

The Internship is little more than a big product placement for Google, but it doesn’t stop my Dad and I from loving it anyways. The humor is mostly great, with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn being their usual selves, and a supporting cast who work well together and are very funny. What makes this movie special though are the one liners. My dad and I can barely get through a conversation without quoting the movie in some way. From “So fat.” to “Chips, salsa, ice cream and pudding” we crack each other up with the same lines every day.

We’re the Millers

A really enjoyable take on the family road trip comedy, We’re the Millers puts Jason something Greek sounding, Jennifer Aniston, the young actor with the eyebrows, and a young rising actress Emma something that isn’t Watson, maybe Roberts? Anyway, the comedy all hits from the haircut scene to the singing in the car scene, and we are rolling around every time we watch it. Yet another movie that we can recite to each other without thinking twice. And trust me we do just that more often that what is probably considered normal…

It Follows

This one is a little bit different. My Dad hates this movie. Well, sort of, he hates horror movies as a whole. He is not a huge fan of jump scares, nor being terrified. But, he knows how much I love horror movies and around Halloween this year he decided he would try and watch one with me. We hunkered down and watched It Follows. He did not enjoy it all that much, but he toughed it out and it was a blast watching it with him, so thanks again for bearing through it.

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