Countdown to Draft Day with Tasty Spoon: #5

A Happy Belated Fathers Day to All, as a Gift-More Tasty Draft Updates!

Well, well, well.

Some big news around the league over the weekend, and if you want more on that go here. But I’m busy, currently at work (sshhh)and am still exhausted from the trouble sleeping I will inevitably have as a result of thinking of dream scenarios regarding Danny’s increased capital, so here’s another edition of your favorite draft day countdown. 

There’s the roster for last season’s Sacramento Kings squad. So given the current makeup, let’s dive in to the Kings highest top 10 pick in this draft.


With the 5th Pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, the Sacramento Kings Select…

De’Aaron Fox, guard, Kentucky.


With per game averages of 16.7/4.6/1.5/.2, this kid is a known run and gunner. He gets out quickly and transition and makes you pay with his basketball IQ and unreal athleticism. Fox is great at collapsing defenses and knowing what the right basketball play to make is once he draws two or even briefly three defenders. He can stop and go on a dime-his explosiveness in addition to his athleticism is off the charts, and that crossover is absolutely deadly, along with his hesitation move. His overall handles and court vision are pretty stellar, and his sense for what to do at any specific moment on the court is something he has over his draft class contemporaries. 

4th in the SEC in win shares (5.1), first in total assists (165) and assists per game (4.6); 8th in SEC in steals per game (1.5) and 4th in points produced with 608; A true shooting percentage of 54.8%, an effective field goal percentage of 49.7%, a Box plus/minus of 8.7, and a PER of 22.6. All on a usage rate of rate of 27.6, which was 7th in his conference.

As with every player ever, Fox comes with his deficiencies. His shooting stroke and numbers can very easily be called into question. While his up close and midrange game is where you want it to be, possibly below that, he has trouble with the deep ball. A 24.6% shooting percentage from college three simply won’t cut it. Not in today’s NBA, especially for a point guard. This is the glaring area that Fox needs to improve in in order to make his selection worth it.  While he is great in the fullcourt, the lack of deep shot makes the halfcourt game difficult. not saying improvements can;t be made, and if they are than he becomes a forces. It seems like shooting stroke questions can be the weakness for an okay amount of the lotto picks… Probably shouldn’t be that way, just my opinion. He can also, maybe it’s because of his speed and quick or maybe its despite of it, be very jumping and snap-decision prone on the offensive side of the ball, and while his feet keep him in a lot of defensive possessions, his frame (6’3″, 187lbs) gives him a disadvantage, even against other PG’s.


All in all Fox has the potential to sneak above at least one of the other PG’s expected to go ahead of him in terms of how well he pans out in the NBA-he works hard, flies up and down the court and has solid vision/smarts, and Sacramento would be smart to take this kid at 5-he’s the best available if no one else takes him higher.


Check back in later for another edition of Tasty Spoon’s Draft Day Countdown!



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