Music Monday’s: Grooving Into the week

Hey folks, amidst all the NBA action going on this week I almost forgot about Music Monday’s. But fear not, we back!

This week’s Music Monday subject is the improv/jam band Perpetual Groove out of Savannah, Georgia. They perfectly blend together elements of southern rock, synth pop, jazz improv, and funk and give you exactly what you need, and their live shows are supposed to have some crazy energy to them (see below).


Brock Butler (guitar and lead vocals), Adam Perry (bass), Albert Suttle (drums), and Matt McDonald (keyboard) met at an open mic night in Savannah, and although the lineup has changed quite a bit since those four met in 2001 Perpetual Groove has been moving, literally, ever since.


You all know the drill, I’d much rather leave these here and then let you make an assessment, rather than me sit here and try to let you know what it is about this band that is fire. There are a lot of things, just see for yourself!


Enjoy the spoons everyone!!


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