NPR Nailed an Unreal Narrative

A few days ago, I tuned into NPR on my radio as I often do for long car rides. While I was expecting the news, I instead got my heartstrings plucked liked feathers off a chicken. NPR presented one of the most compelling stories I have heard. It had astonishing interviews about a boy named Mike that became paralyzed and his family’s struggles dealing with Mike’s affliction through his death. With human euthanasia becoming a mainstream discussion, I would argue that this story presents both sides of that debate.

On one hand…

Mike was still very aware of his surroundings and could communicate through blinks, moans, and thumbs-up. He seemed happy and enjoying life in the state he was in. It would be hard to justify a family’s decision to purposely let their kid die. Even if the kid’s life was only shell of what it was formerly, they are still all there and know what’s going on.

On the other hand…

Mike developed seizures that would wipe him out physically and mentally. The seizures became longer and more violent to the point that Mike’s family and attendees could see a difference in his attitude. While Mike was clearly suffering with no chance of getting better or even staying the same, his family’s best legal option was to ‘wean him off things.’ In reality it means they starved him to death. In the audio, you can hear the burden that family bears from having to watch him deteriorate. Having to starve someone to end their suffering is inhumane and should not be the best option in a case like this.

Extra Credit: All of this is possible because of how awesome NPR and Love and Radio are. This story originally came from here.

I do not own the images or audio.

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