TV Shows Suggestions to Watch with Your Girlfriend

As an average guy who may not have watched a lot of TV, I have some suggestions of TV shows to watch (possibly binge) with your own girlfriend. These have been successful in my experiences and the experiences of others. So I hope you can use this knowledge to score some points with the GF and maybe enjoy the shows themselves.

*Warning: these shows were tested on awesome female subjects, which may not elicit the same successful results with your females. reserves all rights to call your female a bitch in the process if they do not enjoy these specific shows*



I would have to say this is probably the best show you can watch with your girlfriend. It has everything you need in a show. Comedy, hot girls (for you), hot guys (for her), and a simple flow of the show. It’s not complicated or intricate and you can easily skip an episode or two and not miss much. Unless the episodes are in parts, which are usually entertaining and full of plot progression that I recommend you watch fully. The three female leads will entertain your girl. She will try to say she relates to one of them, Rachel obviously, but more likely to Monica. And if you’re into them, Phoebes are weird and crazy. Friends is a good show to watch because you can leave it alone for awhile and come back to it like no time has passed. The show is a nice casual watch that your girlfriend will love to bang out episodes with you.


How I Met Your Mother

Pretty much an updated and better version of Friends. You can easily point out plenty of similarities to the two shows. What makes HIMYM better than Friends is that there’s an actual plot. The overarching plot of how Ted meets his kids’ mother ties the entire series together. However, not every single episode has plot development. I would argue that the best and funniest episodes are the ones that do not advance the plot. Your girlfriend will enjoy the casual banter and the comic moments, but will grow to care about the characters a lot. If you can manage to last through seasons 8 and 9, good for you. The commitment is a little more than Friends, but I think it is very worth it in the end.


Gossip Girl

This one is mainly to appease your girlfriend, but it could very well become your guilty pleasure.  After a few episodes, you’ll find yourself sucked into the world of the Upper East Side and its conniving teenage residents. The plot has so many twists and turns that make it easy to watch episode after episode without realizing how much time has passed.  It also has a soundtrack of great throwback songs that will bring you back to your middle school and early high school years. An added benefit for you is that you get to look at Blake Lively in lots of hot outfits for hours on end. All in all, it may seem like a very feminine show, but its worth watching anyway.


Parks & Recreation

This show was incredibly funny and entertaining. I wouldn’t say it was that good or bad. But the mockumentary style, like in The Office, works well for them. Leslie will instantly be your girlfriend’s favorite character and she will grow on you (after annoying you for the first season or two). Parks has a good combination of plot and dumb comedic episodes. Basically, this show throws so many good characters played by great actors and actresses that you can’t not like it. And yes that double negative makes sense.


One Tree Hill

Another more dramatic show on the list comes in hot for your girl. Hot as in the two star actors James Lafferty and Chad Michael Murray. These two half-brothers compete heavily on the basketball court in the small town as stars for their high school team. Also, they’re competing against one another for the heart of one lonely girl. I have heard good things about this show, but haven’t gotten a chance to actually watch it. I would still recommend it to you for the drama and appeal your girlfriend would get from the actors.

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