Someone Call Nicholas Cage Cause There are Nazi Artifacts to be Found

Grab your tin-foil hats my friends because this one has ‘conspiracy theory’ written all over it. As reported by more than a plethora of news outlets, there were 75 pieces of Nazi artifacts found only yesterday. This story is something out of a National Treasure caper, with hidden rooms, suspicious characters, and a silly amount of artifacts.

The Washington Post, the New York Times, and Forbes, to name only a few, have all reported that a stash of Nazi artifacts had been found in Argentina. Of course, it was found specifically in a secret room hidden behind a moving bookshelf.

How someone has been able to secretly have essentially a shine to the Nazi Party hidden in their house from 1945 right into 2017 is beyond me. You’re telling me no one noticed?! The original Nazi members that fled are long dead by now. Meaning someone had to take over the curation of these pieces.

What is more, this is even more proof to add on to the already overwhelming evidence that Nazi officials fled from Germany. ‘W.O., you’ve been watching too many conspiracy videos.’ No, pretend voice, I have not. I submit to you exhibit 1, exhibit 2, exhibit 3 and exhibit 4, just to get a taste.

Not only did Nazis escape judgement, but they lived out the rest of their days frolicking in South America with their Nazi artifacts. The level of not caring that the world’s superpowers had constitute actual superpowers. Who actually knows how many more back rooms and hidden Nazi artifacts still exist in the world. But after seeing this, I’d bet my bottom dollar that there are a few more out there.

Having some time to think about it, I would like to rescind my offer to Nicholas Cage. Although finding treasure is something he excels at, I’ll tap in the OG Nazi artifact hunter to take this one.

Here’s your chance Indiana. Make us proud.

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