This Day in History: June 21

Not Your Average June 21…

Happy Solstice everybody! A lot of things happening this week, NBA twitter is on fire right now, so I’ll keep this brief seeing as I have other things to do today. Everybody get ready, June 21 in History coming at you fast.

1788–> US Constitution Ratified

Big day. Biiiig day. On this day New Hampshire became the 9th and last state necessary to ratify the newly written US Constitution. The idea of a new Constitution came after states voiced various concerns over the Articles of Confederation, and after time spent revising and debating the document, it passed through the Constitutional Convention, getting signed by 38 of the 41 delegates there and going to the states for ratification. The other four states would get on board in the next few months, and thus the oldest written constitution still in use today was officially born.

1967–> Patent for Computer Mouse Filed

Thank goodness for progressive technological innovations amirite? June 21, 50 years ago one Doug Engelbart filed a patent for the first computer mouse, pictured above. In 1970 the patent (#3541541) was finally awarded to Doug. 50 years later the industry has improved on the technology; making it easier for people to get their information, humor, and porn. Thanks Doug!

2001–> RIP John Lee Hooker

16 years ago on this June 21, the world lost one of the best Blues musicians to grace the planet Earth. John Lee Hooker. Hooker was known for his adaptation of Delta Blues characterized by infusion of an electric element, the talking blues, and hill country blues. He created classics such as but not limited to Boogie Chillen, Dimples, Boom Boom, and One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer. RIP in peace, Mr. Hooker.



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