What Your Choice in Meat Says About You

Everyone loves their meat; that’s just common knowledge. Meat is good and full of protein. And as a red blooded American male, protein is life. You really cannot go wrong with any of the following cuts of steak I am about to list. Whether you like your steak cooked fully or practically still mooing, you can tell a few things about a person’s meat of choice.


Filet Mignon

The filet is the most tender cut of steak out there. It is also the most expensive per ounce. Filet has the melt-in-your-mouth feel with a little less flavor than other cuts. People who order filet mignon are elegant, snobby, and a little softer on the inside. These people are not the type of people you would want to back you up in a fight. Overall, they are decent people that like the finer things in life but you can take them or leave them.



The porterhouse is the classic huge house steak that has a larger strip steak and smaller filet mignon split by a bone. A thick piece of meat that is well marbled. This cut of meat has the big attitude to back up its great flavor. These people want that big, bold taste to go along with their adventurous lifestyle.


Rib Eye

The rib eye is a great cut and probably my favorite. This type of steak has succulent taste with its full flavor. It has enough fat in the cut, which melts to make a juicy, meaty meal. The people who order a rib eye are not screwing around. They go straight for the jugular. The cholesterol and fat don’t scare you. You are a real man.


New York Strip

The New York strip steak has top flavor mixed with its lean cut. It does have a firm texture to the steak. This cut is a little simpler than the other cuts of meat. These people do not care that much for the meat or the actual thing, just if its cooked correctly or made properly. They do not need the best, ostentatious, or most expensive things in life. These people are comfortable living within their means and happy with being content in life.


All these meats are delicious. It does not matter which cut you prefer or what it says about you and your personality. If you don’t like meat, then Ron Swanson is very disappointed in you.

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