Parent Awards: Intoxicated with a Baby in the Bar

Just when you don’t think people cannot be any more ridiculous, Michael Trosclair and Shari Treba say, ‘hold my beer.’ This mom and dad brought their baby in the bar with them to party the night away. At one point, Treba chained up the baby’s stroller to a post outside the bar with the baby still in it. The baby was still young enough to be breastfeeding as well. Don’t fret though. Mom performed the task of feeding her baby while still boozing and smoking cigarettes.

This whole story is absurd. I mean when do you go, ‘how did we get to this point?’ The level of parenting is nonsensical Just as you think they reached the pinnacle of stupidity, they found a way. “A witness at the bar told the officer that Treba had been offering sex to individuals who would go inside the establishment and get her a beer.” She was selling her body for a few brews! With the baby’s daddy and the baby in the bar to boot. Having said that, I suppose that sort of behavior is expected when you go to the Wild Beaver Saloon.

As if this story wasn’t already ludicrous, Trosclair was a former pastor in his home state of Alabama. Setting the bar real high for the rest of his church.

Child Protective Services along with the police subsequently arrived at the scene to investigate. After police showed up, they arrested both Trosclair and Treba. After police tried talking to Treba, they checked her blood alcohol content. She clocked in at a .193.  Medics at the scene checked out the baby in the bar after its first drink. Guess they start them young in Alabama.

My source came from Here. I do not own the images. For the record, there were so many adorable ‘baby in a bar’ pictures. Unfortunately, there were also a lot of not adorable ones too.

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