Glenn Howerton You Dog.

Branching Out, Yet Not Really

My homie sauced this video my way last week(shoutout, you know who you are) and I’m just getting to the write up now because of all the NBA/history action been going on recently, but man, do I love Glenn Howerton.


Couldn’t tell you much about this band, all I know is they have a crazy name, but real talk this video is fire, and not just because Glenn Howerton, AKA Dennis Reynolds, stars in it. It’s got a good flow to it, tells a good story, and is funny as hell; documenting Glenn’s character (basically Dennis) through life, love, drugs, anger, and self loathing.


Glenn’s love interest, fun fact, is the pharmacist Caylee on Always Sunny, but is also his wife in reality. Who would have thought?

The Sun God Orange Juice add that ends with Glenn reaching out of the add window for a bottle, the Eau Du Bain perfume add that ends with him ripping tube, the Gold Bank card that when lifted up is revealed as a line cutting card, the shot of Glenn drinking on the floor of the shower, it’s all gold. The character is pretty familiar to Howerton as well, Dennis being an angry psychopath on Always Sunny. The anger in the sore throat and the anger management hotline are all to familiar for fans of Always Sunny.


In terms of the song I like the vibe. Don’t know what this band is about, got a nice beat to it and the vocals impressed me actually. If my judgement of this band were based off this one video, I would say that I love this band. Fortunately I don’t have a judgement of this band, I just happen to think they make a great music video.



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