Booze Review: Natty Daddy

In honor of it almost being the weekend, it’s time to talk booze. Tonight, it is all about a particular beer near and dear to my blood pumper: the Natty Daddy.

Now as I know it, the Natty Daddy, a.k.a Natty Pounder, a.k.a. the Daddy, is almost exclusive to college kids and that’s perfectly fine. The Daddy has its’ niche and it works. There will never be a shortage of college kids with only $5 in their pocket come Friday night. That fiver gets you two Natty Daddys and you will be having yourself a good night.

This guy knows it too. Expect he disappeared or something. Regardless, best part of drinking a Natty Daddy is when you walk in the party and there is already the group of kids already drinking them. The Natty Club is an exclusive club of the weirdest kids (read: best partiers) in that room. And your ticket is right there in your hands. Playing drinking games with your monster beer next to cans that look like it’s the Natty Child. Judging all those nerds that spent more than they needed to for a swell time. Just a few Natty Club activities.

Now having said that, there are some drawbacks. I’ll preface this by saying it’s all in the eye of the beer-holder, but some people have some qualms with the Natty Daddy. Allegedly, the taste is not all that great. In fact, it`s just not good. It tastes like Anheuser-Busch took a regular Natty and put a bit of vodka in there. But that’s what you should expect from a high powered, low cost booze bottle.

And when you’re hanging out with your Natty Club in the party, everyone knows. All those normies know what you’ve done and they in turn judge your club. Standing there with their Bud Lattes.The exception to this is the 40s Crew. The not-too-distant cousins of the Natty Club are cool people. But those normal booze people, they don’t get the experience of double fisting 50 ounces of a good time.

If there are other booze-acol products you want reviewed, comment below! But keep it in the budget so I can be sure to drink a few first. This guy is clearly on a tight budget after raving about the Natty Daddy.

I don’t own these images. Please drink a Daddy with me.

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