According to People in Iran, Israel Has 8,411 Days Left as a State

Reports were found in the news yesterday that people in Iran unveiled a new clock. Unlike most clocks, it’s a countdown for how much time Israel has left as a state. After the 8,411th day, the state will allegedly cease to exist. That would place the date at June 26th, 2040. How this end will come about still remains shrouded in mystery.

This bold move occurred during an anti-Israel rally on Al-Quds Day. Islamic countries and communities around the world celebrated Al-Quds Das on June 23rd. The people and communities involved in the day are supporting a Palestinian state. They are also against Zionism, the state of Israel, and the state’s occupation and settlement in Palestinian land. The rally in Tehran, Iran also showed off some big, bad missiles and a lot of anti-Israel sentiment.

This is also a week after the Israeli government has begun cutting back even more on the Gaza Strip’s supply of electricity to try and hinder Hamas. Although a political party, they also engage in terrorism mainly against Israel, with both sides killing each other.

Truthfully, it seems like both Israeli and Palestinian forces are wrong. The way in which Israel is lording over Palestinians and Palestine land is like they are trying to turn Palestinians subservient to the state of Israel. At the same time, groups like the militant Hamas and Hezbollah, although maybe wanting what they think is best for Palestine, are committing acts of terrorism.

The conflict in this area does not seem to be concluding anytime soon, with every attempt at peace shut down. Even when agreements are reached such as with the Oslo Accords, they are ignored by Israeli and the Palestinian forces.

For those of you wishing to find out more about the conflict, or what it is, I’d recommend reading On Palestine, which I am currently doing, or Gaza in Conflict, which I haven’t read yet. Or checkout Youtube for stuff like this or that. Most importantly, stay up on it because the U.S is one of the biggest supporters of Israel.

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