Music Monday’s: Vince Staples

Love Me Some Monday

Folks, another Monday here (and almost gone) and you know what that means, another installment of perhaps your favorite weekly basementbanter column, Music Monday’s! Thank you so much for decompressing the day here with me, if you’re not impressed, you can’t get your money back because you didn’t pay so there.


This week features Vince Staples, a young and extremely talented MC from Long Beach California. Vince got his break after becoming friends with Earl Sweatshirt and some other Odd Future members. After a feature on Earl’s first mixtape he released his first tape in 2011, Shyne Coldchain Vl. Since then Vince has since released three mixtapes, two EP’s, and now two studio albums. He has worked with names such as Sweatshirt, Mac Miller, Schoolboy Q, and toured with Miller, Chance the Rapper, and Sweatshirt. Needless to say this kid’s been buys, doing things like this…



But the reason we are here is because Vince Staples released an album a few days ago and I finally sat down to listen to it. A couple things. First things first, I liked it. You all hopefully know my rules by now, this is not an album review in the slightest, I just leave it here for your enjoyment. But in all the album has a nice flow to it, albeit a VERY different one, and Vince’s perfect MC voice pairs well with the sound he’s helped to curate. Key tracks on this album, which is below, are “Rain Come Down”, “Yea Right”(***spoiler alert***, Kendrick feature), “SAMO”, and “Big Fish”. Enjoy!!

Thanks everyone, have a great week!


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