Tasty’s Take: Top Five Playground Games

Let’s Get Nostalgic

Folks welcome to no man’s land. The basketball season is over and so is the draft, ditto for hockey, baseball hasn’t yet hit full swing, football couldn’t come sooner, and a lot of the great summer music has either already been out for a while or we are still waiting for it (looking at you, Action Bronson). So to bridge the gap I decided to give you a nice Tasty’s Take. Today’s take is on playground games, and which are the best ones in my humble opinion. We all yearn for the days of careless frolicking and intense play, so hop back in time with me for a cool minute and let’s reminisce about what once was…


Honorable Mention:


Now the main reason this was left off is because (I know this is sweating the details so for people annoyed by that I apologize) I don’t believe a baseball field, which doubles as the kickball field for obvious reasons, is part of the playground. At least not always, that’s just my opinion.

Red Rover

This game can definitely test a persons willpower, their perseverance. Maybe the most nerve racking moment in any playground game is when you hear your name called out and then you’re truly out in no man’s land for a hot sec. If you can handle it, great for you, but if you can’t, you better get back up and get your shit together for another go around if the other teams stuffs you at the line.

#5: Kill the Carrier

Image result for ball in a field

A pretty simple, yet very dangerous game. The object of this one is one person has some sort of round object (although any shape will do really) and you tackle that person. The kids were ruthless with it, too. This was the game the monitors hated the most because it usually ended up with someone in the nurses office and someone else always ended up in the principles.


#4: Cops and Robbers

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Oh wow, what can be said about this one. My personal favorite adaptation of the game of tag, also known as “cowboys and Indians” or “jail tag”, it is exactly what it sounds like. You have a team of cops and a team of robbers, if you’re a robber and get tagged by a cop than you go to jail, and stay there until a kind soul breaks you out. That was always my favorite aspect of the game, organizing and carrying out jailbreak plans. You always have to be aware of how many people in jail at any given time, you don’t want to go in and have to many people to break out of jail, that’s a tough task. It’s usually nice to have one person in charge of orchestrating the jail breaks, always keeping an eye on the jail, etc.


#3: Basketball

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This one is just a classic, and so versatile. You can grab a few buds and get some 2v2 or 3v3 going, get a full size game happening, or play some lax around the world or horse. There is something for everyone! You can even just shoot around with some homies, but make sure you don’t miss… One of my favorite variations is a classic round or two of knockout.


#2: Four Square

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Perhaps the most cerebral and mentally challenging game of the lot, the four square court is a beautiful place to get deep into opponents heads. I like to think I have an okay head fake on the basketball court, where do you think I got it from? Gotta telegraph where you’re gonna hit the ball only to completely torment your target by going in the opposite direction. Dastardly.


#1: Wall Ball

This game is for true playground warriors. There are different variations of rules, but back in the day we played 3 outs, the ball is throw and the wall and if a person makes an error on the catch than they have to run to the wall, and if the ball hits the wall before they do than they’re out. You can also get out by having your throw hit the ground before the wall, and then the wall again before you get there. We played for keeps.





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