A Wicked Awesome Review

I finally got the chance and seized the opportunity to take in one of the classic shows: Wicked. And now I know why people say that you will never look at the Wizard of Oz the same way again. I experienced a full range of emotions during my time enjoying the show. I will have to thank my girlfriend for pestering me to finally watch Wicked. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of theater or musicals or what have you, I thoroughly enjoyed Wicked.

The Wicked Playbill


With the majestic Boston Opera House as the venue, the entire stage seemed to come to life and sparkle. The floating bubble thing that Glinda travels upon was also a cool technical addition to the stage and set. The Emerald City part of the show definitely amazed me. The set of the city and the costumes all green and glowing was visually appealing. I thought the moving set and the dragon at the top of the stage was entertaining and cool. For a touring Broadway show, the costumes were great. They met my expectations, especially for the world of Oz. Elphaba and Glinda looked fantastic throughout the show. Obviously Elphaba doesn’t take much for the costume part, but Glinda as the spoiled and rich one, had great costumes to go along with her character.



Interesting and fascinating are the words I would describe the plot of Wicked. I found myself intrigued by the prequel scenes of Elphaba and Glinda when they were children and learning about the Wizard and magic. The scenes with the Wizard were a little disappointing, but that was apart of the plot. The underlying theme of the talking animals transforming back into regular animals was decent. It didn’t really get explained all too much because capturing Elphaba and the Elphaba and Fiyero love story took precedent over the animals. Not sure if there was a deeper meaning to the animal plot but we can let that slide for now. I was disappointed that Elphaba ended up not being killed by Dorothy when the Wizard of Oz plot coincided with the Wicked plot. I thought it was somewhat of a cop out, but I do understand Elphaba is much more intelligent than any other person in the world of Oz. So I guess it made more sense to have her escape with Fiyero and be happy, because she was not the evil and wicked witch she was made out to be.



Wicked has got to be my favorite Broadway show that I have seen (since it was only my second). Jessica Vosk, the actress who played Elphaba, absolutely killed it. She was able to hit every note that Elphaba had to in the songs she sung. I was blown away by her performance and the performance of the rest of the cast. I now know why people love this show. Even though I don’t love the Wizard of Oz tale, it still was a fantastic show. It was a special night and an even Wicked awesome show.

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