TDIH: June 29

June 29, 1967–> Rolling Stones Don’t Give a F**k about “petty morals”.

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On this day 50 years ago Keith Richards of Rolling Stones fame sat in front of a group of English magistrates and verbally gave them the middle finger, once again proving the badassery of one of the greatest bands the world has ever known. Stemming from a raid of his Redlands’ estate about five months prior, Richards sat in front of the Queen’s counsel and answered questions bout the illegal possession of four, yes, four amphetamine tablets, and the presence of a young woman who was wearing nothing but a rug when police showed up at the estate. When pressed about the woman, this is what Keith had to say…


QC Morris: Would you agree in the ordinary course of events you would expect a young woman to be embarrassed if she had nothing on but a rug in the presence of eight men, two of whom were hangers-on and the third a Moroccan servant?

Richards: Not at all

Morris: You regard that, do you, as quite normal?

Richards: “We are not old men. We are not worried about petty morals.”

Richards, was convicted and sentenced to one year, while frontman and lead singer Mick Jagger was sentenced to three months but was released immediately because of an appeal. Richards conviction was fairly quickly overturned because of prejudicial evidence about the woman in the rug. Absolutely savage. Thank you, Keith.


June 29, 2001–> Prominent Boston Allergist Murders his Wife.

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from Ted Fitzgerald, Boston Globe, 2001


On this day, June 29 2001, 60 year old doctor Dirk Greineder was convicted of murder in the first degree his 58 year old wife. Dirk and Mabel Greineder were married for 30 years before Dirk kinda ruined it by, you know, murdering his longtime wife. The couple had three children and would walk their dogs in a park near their Wellesley home. On October 31 of 1999 the murder occurred, Dirk called 911 and told that she was attacked on their normal walking route. During the trial extramarital affairs were brought to light including a separate identity of Thomas Young used by the doctor to order prostitutes and online pornography, setting up a fake company to use for a corporate credit card application. After a six week trial that consisted of a lot of circumstantial evidence, and four days of deliberation, Dirk was found guilty of murder in the first degree and was given the mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison without any chance of parole. 


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