Ron Paul Interviews Edward Snowden and it’s Something

When I found this interview, I almost lost it. Ron Paul and Edward Snowden together. The amount of anti-normal people things I was expecting to happen made me as giddy as a child with a big ‘ol ice cream cone. And I was then disappointed like a child that lost the top scoop. It ended up being a fairly serious discourse on political and surveillance philosophy. Either way, let’s jump on into it.

Interviewers Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams

First up is the main interviewer Ron Paul. Dr. Paul asked some weird questions and generally made himself seem like he was teetering on the deep end. One of his first questions to Snowden concerned how he spends his day and how he became such a ‘Libertarian.’ Snowden flat out said he doesn’t see himself as part of the Libertarian Party. Ron, sir, you seem to be getting your hypotheses and theories mixed up.

The other interviewer, Daniel McAdams, asked much better questions for Snowden. McAdams tried to get right into the nitty gritty of where Snowden stood and how he thought Americans should move on with dealing with their government. McAdams wanted some answers and he went right for the kill.

The Interviewee Edward Snowden

The man, Edward Snowden put his ideas and philosophies on privacy, surveillance, and intelligence communities right out there. He came out strongly in favor of privacy and even went on to define what he meant, not leaving it out as a vague term. Snowden then started dishing out his thoughts on the intelligence communities, not just in the United States, but across the globe.

He criticized the agencies of these superstates that hide things away from the general public and avoid any sort of accountability. The various intelligence communities are able to do whatever they want without worrying of repercussions. Snowden went as far as to name drop project Stellar Wind (icing on the cake is finding a familiar face among the conflict.

Snowden also commented on the current national concern with Russia. He agreed that Russia probably interfered to some degree, but went on to say that the U.S. also ran programs meant to engineer social influence and power.

Regardless of who you are, you have to respect a person that does what he thinks is right. And you have to respect it even more that he can say it intelligently, even with Ron Paul.

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