TDIH: June 30

June 30, 1859–> Some Guy Casually Walks Across Niagara Falls on a Tightrope

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The nerve of some people. 158 years ago today a French man known professionally as Emile Blondin became the first man to walk across the world famous falls on a tightrope. That’s right, a tightrope. I mean I know thrill seeking has pretty much always been a thing but that guy who walked across the twin towers for the first time in ’74, and while the height isn’t the same Niagara is arguably as dangerous. Either way, hats of to this dude, he’s got some serious balls. This was actually the first in a serious of tightrope walks on the falls, the others included stunts such as doing it blindfolded, with someone on his back, pushing a wheelbarrow with him, and even stopping halfway through to cook a damn omelette. Like, what? Thank you for your weird, brave, and trailblazing service, Mr. Blondin.


June 30, 1962–>Sandy Koufax Pitches First No-Hitter

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On this June 30 55 years ago Sandy Koufax pitched his first ever no hitter against the New York Mets, striking out 13 batters and walking five in the process. Koufax, who had his best seasons starting in ’62, found some new control to which he owed his new found success, reducing his walks from 4.8 per game to 2.1 in this era of new found success for him from ’62 to ’66, some of the best pitching the league has ever seen. From ’62 to ’65 he pitched a no hitter every year, and led the Dodgers to World Series wins in ’63 and ’65. Thank you for your service Sandy!!


June 30, 1989–> Do the Right Thing Released in US Theaters

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One of Spike Lee’s most successful, influential, and thought provoking movies was released in US theaters on this day, June 30 1989. The movie is based in BedStuy, Brooklyn, NY and centers around a young black man, Mookie, who delivers pizza’s for the only white business in the neighborhood, Sal’s Pizzeria. Sal’s son, Vito, is friends with Mookie, much to the dismay of Vito’s older brother and Sal’s oldest son Pino. The movie takes place over the course of the hottest day of the year in Brooklyn, and the racial tension that builds surrounding the situation that the characters find themselves in, told through Mookie’s perspective. Great cameos include Radio Raheem, a neighborhood kid who rolls around blasting “Fight the Power” from his ghetto blaster, and Samuel L. Jackson as radio disc jokey. The film was nominated for Best Supporting actor (Danny Aiello who played Sal) and Best Original Screenplay, has been deemed “culturally significant” by the US Library of Congress, and is still popular and relevant today. We thank you, Spike.




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