Chris Christie Soaking up the Sun with a Government Shutdown

As of Friday, there were 11 states that have yet to pass a state budget for the current fiscal year. Included in this list is New Jersey, home of Chris Christie, one of the most disliked governors in the United States. Well, while the New Jersey state government wasn’t working, Christie took the time to sit on the beach with his family and catch some rays.

The catch, he did it on a state beach which was closed because there is no government. While pretty much the rest of the state was not allowed on this beach, the Christies were getting their money’s worth. Check out the pictures and you won’t find another soul on that beach. What is more, he tried to play it off like it didn’t really happen. He even said how he didn’t get any sun on Sunday.

Now to be fair, he does have a taxpayer-supported beach property there so I guess it’s not all that weird. But even then, THERE IS NO ONE ELSE THERE. No other people were out there which means no other beach-house people were on that beach. Just the Christies.

If you have power, you make sure to use it where all can see. That is what I imagine Chris Christie’s motto to be. Constantly putting himself in bad P.R. situations. Regardless, he keeps getting the votes. Enjoy that private beach while you can.

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