TDIH: July 3

July 3rd, 1775–> Washington Takes Control

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On this July 3 242 years ago, George Washington drew his sword on Cambridge common and officially took control of the Continental Army. About two weeks after he was appointed commander in chief by the Continental Congress, Washington assumed leadership of the army-for zero pay. In agreeing to head the Continental Army, he refused payment for his services outside of reimbursement for future expenses. George was a veteran of the French and Indian War, and his leadership of the Continental Army was viewed as advantageous because he was from Virginia, and was thought to be able to bring the southern colonies on board with the revolution. Thanks George!


July 3rd, 1969–> RIP Brian Jones

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RIP in peace to a legend. The Rolling Stones true bad boy, Jones was the quintessential “wasted rock star”, the one who you could physically see decaying in front of your very eyes. Jones was fired by Jagger and Richards on June 8th 1969 after frequently missing recording dates and not being ready to play on the occasion’s that he did show, and a few weeks later he was found dead in the swimming pool of his Sussex England home. RIP in peace Brian.


July 3rd, 1971–> RIP Jim Morrison

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Oh no, not another one. Just two years after losing Brian Jones, the world would lose one of the greatest songwriters, performers, and frontman it had ever seen. Jim joined the 27 club today 46 years ago after being found dead in a Paris apartment bathtub, the cited cause was “heart failure”, although a formal autopsy had never been performed. Some assert that The Lizard King did in fact die of a heroin overdose, as he was reported to be using drugs around the time of his death. The mind behind The Doors, he graced us with such songs as every single one of of their self titled album, the sexiest song ever in “Riders on the Storm”, and an album of his spoken word poems “An American Prayer”, Jim was truly a creative genius and we thank you. RIP in peace Mr. Mojo Risin’.

July 3rd, 1985–> Back to the Future Released

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Big day here folks, and now we’ve come to the end. But what a glorious end it is! On this day in 1985 we were formally introduced to Doc and Marty, the lovable dynamic duo that made the film series Back to the Future so great. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, produced by Stephen Spielberg, and Starring Michael J. Fox as Marty and Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown, the film became one of the highest grossing films of 1985, and one of the most beloved films to date. “We have to go back”. Oh, I wish we could…

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