Most Bad Ass Moments in Zack Snyder Movies

If there is one thing Zack Snyder is known for, it’s slow motion. But if there’s a second thing he’s known for, it is bad ass characters and moments. These are the best of the best. Spoilers!!

10. Breaking Chains – Man of Steel

This one is actually very low key, but that makes it all the more badass. Superman has surrendered to the military to save mankind. They cuff him and escort him to an interrogation room. The humans have no idea just how powerful Superman is, but we do. Seeing him in handcuffs is odd, and Lois even remarks how odd it is that the let them cuff him. Then when the humans begin to push against superman a little, he simply stands up, casually breaks the cuffs with zero effort, and the people all jump back with shock and fear. This simple movement gave the humans a glimpse at what Superman was capable of. 

9. Even a God King Can Bleed – 300

At the very end of the movie, the Spartan Army is surrounded and the fight is over. But Leonidas still has one punch left in him. He and his men decide to give their lives to prove that Xerxes is no god, and the Greeks can and should keep fighting. With thousands of arrows being shot at them, the Spartans lay waste to a few more Persians, and give Leonidas enough time to throw one last spear. It is an emotional sacrifice and one seriously bad ass death for a fantastic hero.

8. Taking it on the Chin – Batman v. Superman

Love it or hate it, there was a lot wrong with Batman v. Superman. But there was also so much brilliance in it, and I for one love it. One small badass moment from Superman was during his fight with the Caped Crusader. Having been weakened by a Kryptonite grenade, Superman was getting pummeled by Batman. But the Kryptonite wore off, and while getting punched in the face, Superman slowly gains his power back. Batman quickly realized this and backed away in fear. Super badass.

7. “Fight in the Shade” – 300

When the Spartans were facing overwhelmingly small odds, they were cool, calm, collected, and most of, still badass. When confronted by an ambassador to the God-King Xerxes, the Spartans have no interest in his demands. All they want is blood. When the Persian draws back his whip to strike the insufferable Spartans, Michael Fassbender (yes thats magneto) dives through the air and takes away the threat. Then after one hell of a badass threat, he smiles and responds with an even more badass comeback. Great scene.

6. Jail Visitation – Batman v. Superman

Batman was one of the best things in BvS. One of Batman’s most terrifying moments is at the very end when he visits Luthor in his prison cell. The lights go out, and the emergency red lights flicker on, and where just a moment ago there was nothing, Batman appears. He is hulking, shrouded in darkness, and he looks pissed. Absolutely terrifying, and of course, badass.

5. “This is Sparta!” – 300

An oft parodied scene, the famous kick has become almost its own cliche of over the top machoism. Which is exactly what it is. The whole movie is one giant flex from the Spartans. And oh my god do I love it. Everything about this scene is perfect. The quite before the storm, the king contemplating his fate, and then BAM! it ends with one of the most famous movie lines to come out of the 2000’s.

4. Leonidas’ Charge – 300

Zack Snyder loves his slo-mo and he uses it in all of his movies. But it is probably best on display during the first epic battle of 300. The whole scene is amazing and bad assed on its own right, but the Leonidas’ charge is the by far the best part. He breaks away from his comrades to absolutely destroys the charging Persian Army. Using slow-motion and speed ramping (one of the first times I can remember seeing that technique) to perfection, we see a confidant, expert, and violent king cut through his opponents like a hot knife through butter. Absolute bad assery at its finest.

3. The Warehouse Beatdown – Batman v. Superman

Easily the best moment from Batman v. Superman was Batman’s utter demolishing of about 20 guys. He goes through them like butter, only taking a few hits, and it is beautiful to watch. Batman is brutal, calculating, smart, and fast. My inner child who has been waiting to see a truly dominant batman absolutely fuck some people up went nuts. It was perfect.

2. Rorschach’s Sacrifice – Watchmen

Rorschach sees the world in black and white; good and bad. But Adrian’s plan is necessary while also being pure evil.  While the rest of the Watchmen are reluctantly on board with the plan, Rorschach just can’t bring himself to be part of all that death and destruction. He tells his team that he has to tell everyone the truth. His friends are reluctant to proceed for they know the only way to stop Rorschach from telling the truth is to kill him. He knows this, and turns to Dr. Manhattan begging him to do it, showing fear for the first time in the whole movie. Demanding your own death knowing it will save the world, while being truly afraid for the first time is one bad ass and brave death.

1. “You’re locked in here with me!” – Watchmen

Rorschach is an undoubtedly badass S.o.B. but this one takes the cake. Finally arrested and unmasked, he is surrounded by people he put away, and they are all dying to get to him. The first guy to take a pop at him ends up a little worse off after it is all said and done. And while he is being taken away Rorschach shouts his most iconic line.


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