TDIH: July 7

July 7, 1852–> Dr. Watson is born

Dr. Watson (Bruce McRae, left) and Sherlock Holmes (William Gillette, right)

While the lovable and possible GOAT sidekick Dr. Watson was born on this day according to SIr Arthur Conan Doyle, the author himself also died today, because we can’t have just good news you know? I think that’s how news works… Anyway, happy birthday our dear Watson!!


July 7, 1930–> Hoover Dam Construction Begins

Image result for Hoover Dam

Yes it’s true, the Hoover Dam began it’s life on this day in 1930. The second highest dam in the US (Oroville Dam, California) and the 18th highest in the world had about 21,000 men working to complete the project, breaking ground today all those years ago. Reportedly proposed in 1902 by Arthur Powell Davis, the idea for a dam in this area sat dormat until Hoover, after becoming president in 1928, signed the Colorado River Compact into law. Built as a job stimulus during the Great Depression, it was also necessary for the area on the border between Arizona and Nevada (Boulder City) that experienced floods, did not have the best irrigation, and needed an additional power source. Completed in 1936 and dedicated by new arguable GOAT president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the testament to great civil engineering cost over 100 hundred lives. Oh Dam (sorry)!



July 7, 1940–> Happy Birthday Ringo Starr!

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we’ll keep it rolling with the Beatles-themed history. Born on this day 77 years ago, the Beatles rhythm section occasionally graced us with his vocal presence on select records, like “With a Little Help From My Friends”, “Yellow Submarine”, and was given songwriting credits on songs such as “Octopus’s Garden” and “Don’t Pass Me By”. Regarded by some as one of the best drummers to play, and also the goofy looking Beatle, Ringo gave them a charm that no one else could, and for that we thank him.


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