Trump Suggests Joint Cyber Security Unit With Russia, Perhaps He Was Being Sarcastic

Donald Trump, after a friendly meeting with his good buddy Vlad Putin, suggested that the US and Russia cooperate on cyber security. This comes right as Trump has been beginning to acknowledge that the Russian government at least attempted to meddle in the US presidential election.

We all know that Donald Trump has a bit of a strange sense of humor, just ask Billy Bush. It’s not that crazy to think that Trump was trying to put one over on the old Fake News Media with this press conference, especially after Putin made some witty comment about the media giving Trump trouble.

The timing of this idea is so hilariously poor that sarcasm is pretty much the only thing that could sufficiently explain it. Maybe it’s just meant to distract us from the fact that he’s backpedaling a bit on his stance regarding the Russian hacks. You can tell the Trump camp is really trying to spin the story because they’re starting to really go in on Obama for not doing more to prevent the hacks, when they used to just deny the election meddling or refuse to talk about it.

I think that’s pretty ridiculous, especially since any action Obama would have taken against pro-Trump election meddling would have been widely condemned by Trump supporters as interfering in Hillary’s favor. But, that politics. I think the real story here is that Trump might be positioning himself to flip his position on Russian interference entirely.

He starts out blaming Obama for not doing more to prevent election interference (check), then he fires anyone accused of having sketchy Russian meetings, touting himself as draining the swamp and weeding corruption out of government. Finally, he ties that all into his voter ID crusade, saying that voter ID laws can prevent against Russian hacking, or whatever, and then boom, dictator.

That’s a bit of a worst case scenario, but it’s important not to forget that any president has the ability to weasel their way out of all kinds of trouble, especially when they have a solid support base willing to believe anything they say.

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