TDIH: July 11

July 11, 1804–> Burr Caps Hamilton

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Alexander Hamilton

Oooohhhhh boy. I’d be lying to you beautiful people if I said I weren’t crossing off day on my calendar waiting for this day. One of the best and worst moments in US history, today marks the day that Alexander Hamilton was legally killed by Aaron Burr in Weehawken New Jersey of all places. Quick fun facts here Hamilton’s birth year is a source of some controversy, some saying 1755 and others saying 1757; and Aaron Burr graduated from the College of New Jersey, later turned into some rinky dink outfit called Princeton, at 17 years old. Hamilton, the leader of the Federalists who was the first Secretary of the Treasury, and Burr, a prominent member of the Democratic Republican party and the sitting US vice president, were two of the most notable political enemies that the US has ever seen. The federalists favored a strong central government and a centralized, highly regulated economy, and the Democratic Republicans (Jeffersonian republicans) favored stronger states, usually came from agrarian states, without a highly centralized or regulated monetary system. During the 1804 NY governor campaign, Burr was sought out by the New York Federalists to run for governor. Hamilton, of course, fervently opposed Burr and campaigned against him hard in that 1804 election, often slandering him and attacking his character, which would set the stage for the most notable face off in US history. They both arrived at the Weehawken dueling grounds at 7am on July 11 morning, the same place where Hamilton’s son had died a few years prior defending his father’s honor. A few reports have come to light about this day. One, from Hamilton’s assistant, says that Hamilton ultimately decided the duel was morally wrong and fired his shot up in the air away from his enemy. Burr’s assistant claimed that Hamilton took his shot at Burr but missed. The story from here on out is not contested: Burr shot Hamilton in the stomach, the bullet ended up near his spine, he was taken back to New York where he died the next year. RIP.


July 11, 1914–> Babe Ruth Makes MLB Debut

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People forget Babe was a pitcher first. In his first game ever, George Herman “Babe” Ruth pitched seven innings and led the Boston Red So to victory over the Cleveland Indians. Ruth, born in Baltimore in 1895 and was signed by his hometown team in in 1914 at the age of 19. That very summer he was sold to the Boston Red Sox and began his MLB career in style, earning the nickname “Babe” for his naiveté, but impressing the league with his natural talent. Thanks Babe! But also fuck Harry Frazee and his money hungry, musical financing, cold heart.

July 11, 1922–> Hollywood Bowl Opens

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This July 11 marks the 95th anniversary of the famous outdoor amphitheater, the Hollywood Bowl, opened with a concert form the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Since then, artists such as Judy Garland, The Beatles, Elton John, Billie Holiday, and more have played at the theater that can seat almost 18,000 people and has become a Los Angeles icon.


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