TDIH: July 13

Folks, time to get it. It’s July 13 and you know what that means, time for another installment of This Day in History!

July 13, 1930–> First World Cup

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All you soccer fans out there, listen up and listen good because this might be the only time you ever hear me talk about the sport that you incomprehensibly love. On July 13 the year 1930, the United States beat Belgium 3-0 and France defeated Mexico 4-1 in the first World Cup matches ever held, taking place in Montevideo, Uruguay. Upon the decision that soccer would be dropped from the Olympic bill, FIFA President Jules Rimet put together this tournament to supplement the lack of soccer.

July 13, 1960–> JFK Nominated For President

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ON this glorious July 13, 1960, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was nominated for the office of POTUS, after beating out Lyndon B. Johnson, a Senator from Texas, at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, California. The very next day Johnson was unanimously voted at the convention to be JFK’s vice presidential candidate. About Four months later (November 8) Jon would win 49.7 percent of the popular vote in one of the closest presidential elections and critically realigning election in U.S. history, surpassing by a fraction the 49.6 percent received by Vice President Richard M. Nixon, a Republican.


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