Tasty’s Take: Celtics Passing on Fultz

So, I realize this is long overdue in this era of the 24 hour sports news cycle, but I’ve had some thoughts brewin’ like this mornings beer, and I figured what better place to let them out? So let’s get at it.


A Missed PR Opportunity

Now I know that public relations is probably the last thing Danny thinks about when making decisions like this, especially on draft day, but this notion came to me recently and I found it intriguing. When the Celtics traded down from the #1 pick (which for the record, I am okay with what we received, especially considering we were going to take Tatum and he was most definitely going to still be there at three) they may have missed a golden PR opportunity by electing to pass on Markelle Fultz (while also telling everyone that Isaiah is our point guard for at least the next few years). What I mean by this is this.

The idea of a new era of Celtics/Lakers rivalry, spearheaded by these two point guards, would have been a promoter’s/publicist’s/PR person’s wet dream. Two talented, flashy point guards leading two historic franchises? That’s a recipe for ticket sales. Now I’m not saying I was devastated when I heard the trade officially went through, but I’d be lying if I told you that I hadn’t thought about this idea leading up to the draft. It just seemed to be able to work, with Fultz having a strong team behind him and having IT to show him the ins and outs of the NBA, and the Lakers looking better in recent month, especially after dumping Russell and Mozgov’s monstrous contract. That’s what the people want to see, an elite matchup, and regardless of whether or not these players are actually elite performers on an NBA level, people want to see that matchup. Think Bird and Magic.


People Love Matchups

Now I’m not in any way asserting that these two players will grow to be the players that Legend and Magic were, my point is that games are more enticing to watch when there is a marquee matchup. The past three finals were some of the highest rated since Michael Jordan’s Bulls 1998 Finals. Now this isn’t the only reason, there were many storylines driving the high ratings, but I firmly believe that part of it was because of the Durant-Lebron (or Lebron-Curry) matchup, and the same could be said for Pierce and Bryant, whose 2008 finals were the highest rated in the four year span of 2005 to 2009.




Obviously the Celtics and Lakers are both on the come up and both teams will end up fine, as they each have solid front offices, promising young players, and great coaching, but I can’t help but think… Oh well, I guess it’s gonna have to be Tatum-Brown versus the world for the future Celtics, which I am more than okay with.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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