Music Monday’s: Beach Fossils

First Things First

Folks, a most sincere apology from the Spoon, I committed a cardinal sin of my basementbanter career, missing Music Monday’s. But now we are back and I’ve got some fresh ideas for the future, so please try to find it in your heart of hearts to forgive me for my transgressions. Now let’s all move forward together. Let us decompress your Monday with a new edition of your favorite basementbanter column, Music Monday’s!

Perfect Summer Music


So, today’s Music Monday’s features the group above-The Beach Fossils. They are truly some great easy listening, especially during the summer. What is that, it’s summer you say? Well don’t waste any time, get these guys up on whatever you use-Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, Apple Music, etc.


Coming straight from Brooklyn in 2009, the band was formed as a vehicle for frontman Dustin Payseur, and it has taken off since. Also, if you’ve ever seen the HBO short lived series Vinyl, they were the “Nasty Bits”, the 70s punk band that made an apearance there. Since 2009 they have put out three full length albums and one EP (What a Pleasure).


Their sound is classified as Lo-Fi, characterized by laid back feel and lower sound quality that lends to a sense of nostalgia, Low Fidelity music is a low key favorite of mine.


Beach Fossils released their latest effort, Somersault, on June 2 of this year, and I certainly enjoyed it. Some stand out tracks include Sugar, for which the music video is above. The thing I love about this new album is that the bass really cuts through, more so than it does on anything else that I can remember from them (although their self titled is amazing, one of my personal favorite albums of the last decade). This is especially evident in songs like Sugar and May 1st. Whatever way you slice it, Beach Fossils don’t play around. Anyway, it’s late and there are things to be done, as usual I’ll leave these here and let them speak for themselves. Have a fantastic week everybody!!


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