TDIH: July 18

July 18, 64–> Rome Burns

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On this day, Rome breaks out in flames and is destroyed in the year 64. Despite various reports, there is no evidence that the Roman emperor, Nero, started the fire or played the fiddle while it burned, as is the legend. However, he did use the fire to further his political career and agenda. The fire started in the slums of a district just south of Palatine Hill. Homes burned extremely fast and the fire soon spread north, powered by strong winds. And of course there were looting sightings across the city during the fire, per usual during disasters. The fire ended up staying alive for about three days. Three of Rome’s 14 districts were completely destroyed; only four were unharmed by the blaze. The fire resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people and thousands more were displaced from their homes.

July 18, 1925–> Mein Kampf Published

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I feel weird just typing this. but let it be clear, it’s obviously not a testament or tribute to the man. But this is still history, and I didn’t come here to make friends, so here it is. July 18, 1925 Adolf Hitler published the first volume of his political manifesto seven months after being released from Landsberg jail in Germany. Written in prison but published later, “My Struggle” would go on to become the guiding light of the German Nazi Party and a look into the mind of Hitler. Fuck you Hitler!!


July 18, 1940–> FDR Nominated for Third Term

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Today marks the day that Franklin Delano Roosevelt accepted the nomination of the Democratic Party at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. This would be the unprecedented third time he was nominated for a term of the POTUS, a record breaking that ruffled some feathers. At the time, there was an unwritten rule that no president would seek a third term. This tradition dates back to GW, who was asked to run for a third term, but declined. Franklin would go on to beat Republican Wendell Wilkie and win a third term, and then a fourth after that beating Thomas Dewey, and would go down as one of the best and most effective president’s the US has seen with things like his New Deal and his diplomatic efforts during the war.


July 18, 1969–> Chappaquiddick Island Incident

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After leaving a party on Chappaquiddick Island, part of Edgartwon on Cape Cod, United States Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy of Massachusetts drives an Oldsmobile straight off of a bridge into a pond. Kennedy was able to get out of the underwater car, but the passenger traveling with him, 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne, didn’t. The senator fled the scene and neglected to report the accident for 10 hours. This accident most likely affected Kennedy’s decision to not run for president, in ’72 and ’76, and he would eventually plead guilty to the charge of leaving the scene of the crash causing personal injury, and was given a suspended sentenced of two months in jail.


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