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By now you’ve all heard the news I’m sure, Paul Pierce signed a one day contract with the Boston Celtics in order to retire in green, which has reportedly been in the works for a while. I’m just tickled pink right now. I was honestly about to put something up about why it hadn’t happened yet. But, just as my impatience was just about to get the best of me, the Celtics went out and locked it down…


For Everything and More, Thank You Paul Pierce.

Paul Pierce dedicated his life to the game of basketball, and the Boston Celtics were smart and lucky enough to recognize what a gem this man would become.

I’m seriously not exaggerating hear, I almost cried when watching the replay of him nailing that dagger of a three at the end of his last game at TD Garden (I legitimately teared up when I watched that live). You just can’t write this type of stuff.


Mike Gorman’s signature call still rings in my head whenever I think of Paul-Pierce, 3, GOT IT!!!! It’s gold. One of the sounds I miss the most quite honestly.

Paul had one of the absolute best game faces in NBA history. When he was in the zone, you knew it, and not just because he would be making shots from anywhere. You could turn on a game in the middle of the third quarter, and one look at Paul’s face you would know he was in attack mode.



A ten time all star, a four time All-NBA team member, the 2008 NBA Finals MVP, fourth all time in 3 point field goals made-Pierce was the real deal. In his 15 years with the Celtics, he is fourth in games played, third in minutes, second in points, fifth in field goals made, first in free throw attempts and free throws made, first in 3 pointers made and attempted, second in scoring average, sixth in assists, seventh in rebounds, and first in steals. Go ahead and click here for me, take a look at some of the company he is held in. This guy was no joke.


Every once in a while a sports figure comes to your city and completely captures your heart. With their play, their style, their resilience (how many other NBA players can you name that have been stabbed 11 times in the back, neck, and face and then play all 82 games the next season?) and overall gravitational pull. Paul Pierce was without a doubt a bona fide member of that group of athletes. Aside from David Ortiz, there was no other sports figure in New England that I looked up to more. Yea, you heard me right. Sorry Tom.


Paul Pierce was the lovable hero that Boston loved with all of their hearts. He was the hero that we didn’t deserve, but he gave us his all anyway. He left it all on the floor and gave us something in green that was worthwhile to watch during those treacherous early/mid-2000s seasons. We laughed with Paul, we cried with Paul, and now it’s time to celebrate the career and legacy of Paul Pierce. Thank you Paul.

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