The Day Iron Maiden Came to Town: Book of Souls Tour

On Wednesday night, people in black T-shirts descended on the Xfinity Center, waiting with anticipation for what was to come. Fanatics flocked from countries across the globe to gather in this small town in Massachusetts to see six people. Those six people just happened to be Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson, Janick Gers, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, and Nicko McBrain. Those six are otherwise known as Iron Maiden. With the crowd getting restless Iron Maiden’s opener, Ghost, came out and started playing.


I can’t say enough about Ghost. Their horror style and Eire sound is a one-two punch. Up on stage, the Nameless Ghouls produce a symphonic sound of metal riffs that support the crisp, clear vocals provided by Papa Emeritus III. Although Ghost uses classic metal riffing, their sound is anything but generic. Their quality performance, along with a particular song about the “female orgasm” (Monstrance Clock), only intensified the crowd for what was to come.

Iron Maiden

When they finally graced the stage, the crowd lost control. They went out there and played a mix of old songs to compliment songs from their 2015 album Book of Souls. No matter what song they played, every member sounded like they haven’t aged a day. The only thing that bright the set down was the spotty mic. Though this didn’t stop the fans from filling in.

Up on stage, the props and pageantry were both class. With the stage crew working hard, almost every song had a different background. Not to be outdone, Bruce spiced it up at every opportunity putting every ounce of his energy into each song.

After the solid main set, Iron Maiden came back out to put on an electric encore. Starting off with Number of the Beast and a giant devil in the background, the extra songs were anything but boring. The fans sang along with every word, screaming out the lyrics. The crowd remained in a frenzied state even after Iron Maiden left the stage for the night. No one wanted to go home.

Yes, it was a great show and it was worth every penny.

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