Power Ranking of Chex Mix Pieces

Today I will be ranking (with power) the top 5 pieces contained in the Traditional Chex Mix snack recipe.  Let me preface this list by saying that I’m not in the business of being controversial, these rankings (of power) are constructed using years of testing and analysis and are to be taken with the utmost professionalism.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s power rank some snacks


7. Wheat Chex

Wheat chex, the ugly cousin of corn chex, is smaller and less tasteful than it’s corn counterpart.  In elementary school, I used to eat all of the other pieces and trade the remaining wheat chex to any rube willing to take them on.

6. Rye Chip

The infamous rye chip.  If I ever saw one of these at the top of the chex mix pile, I would shake the bag a until it was out of sight and neglect it until all of the other pieces were finished.

5. Mini Breadstick

The mini breadstick is one of the blandest of the pieces.  You don’t hate it when you eat it, but you also don’t really like it.  It’s like the Andy Dalton of Chex Mix pieces, you really don’t know if it’s good or not, it’s just there and it’ll win you a few games.

4. Square Pretzel

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big pretzel guy, but there’s not much to the square pretzel piece.  Some may find its value in its consistency, but to stand out in these rankings, consistency alone will only get you so far.

3. Circle Pretzel

The circle pretzel it probably the most versatile of all the pieces.  You could put it on your pinky finger and wear it as a ring, or could bite a section off and make a lip/nose ring.  My favorite go-to move was looping a mini breadstick through as much circle pretzels as I could and eating it whole, an old hockey trick I picked up in the school yard.

2. Bagel Chip

The flashy fan favorite bagel chip.  In a standard bag of Chex Mix, you’ll get a few of these and so their value comes from the their rarity.  Always saved those for last after I finished eating the rye chips.

1. Corn Chex

The very piece that the snack is named after.  You might be thinking that the bagel chip got snubbed, but hear me out: when you get a corn chex piece and its holes are filled with that brown salty chex mix dust making the piece look dirty, it is undeniably the best piece.  Sometimes a wheat chex piece can be mistaken for a dusty corn chex piece and you’ll get catfished into eating wheat chex.  I’ll die on “corn chex with Chex Mix dust” hill, and if you disagree with me, grab a bag of Chex Mix at your local 7-11 and find that dirty corn chex piece.  After you eat it and realize your ignorance after all these years, tweet @BBanterDotCom or to post on our Facebook about your conversion.



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