Chance Did a Tiny Desk…

I mean honestly, how long was it gonna take for Chanellor Bennet to finally stop by NPR’s Bob Boilen’s desk for a tiny desk concert? Well, the wait is no longer my friends.

Tiny Desk Concerts are quickly becoming my favorite thing on Youtube to watch. Yup. They have artists ranging from Trey Anastasio, to Trombone Shorty, to Run the Jewels, to Shakey Graves, and even the Blue Man Group. Of course, there are more, but if I listed more I would never get this published to being distracting by them. (But please watch The Tallest Man on Earth‘s, truly fire)


This is Top Shelf Stuff, People

Chance drops by the NPR Music office to deliver a very intimate performance, accompanied with a full band, including Donnie Trumpet. While he only plays two songs, he also sneaks a poem in there during a song pause, and a great one at that. verses about dreams and visions, and a finale about fixing (“rehabbing”) a family, it really was a touching piece of prose that seemed effortless from him.


Maybe the most moving part of the performance, and I’m a huge Juke Jam guy, was the Stevie Wonder cover. I got so excited when I read the Youtube notes on this, couldn’t wait, and it was stellar.


Per usual Chance slayed this performance, his elegant voice complimenting the full sound of the band behind him so well in an office that was definitely not vetted for acoustics when chosen as the NPR Music headquarters. The Juke Jam was a stellar piece that I did not expect, but worked perfectly with the vibe of the Tiny Desk Music series. Huge fan of this all around, and I seriously urge all of you to check out the rest of the concerts that they have to offer, they have something for literally everybody.


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