The Booze Street Journal: Harpoon Brewery

This past week, I took some time to adventure around Boston with some pals. To my excitement, we found ourselves at the Harpoon Brewery. This particular establishment is a very New England brewery. While having a lot to offer, its’ popularity does not reach far outside the region.

To begin this adventure, one must first enter and make their way past the guy who cards you. Past the Toll Troll and up the stairs the beer hall lies ahead, full of mystery and beer. It was like adult Harry Potter up in there. There were a few rows of long tables and everyone had some form of modern-day chalice. It was pretty fantastic. There was more to the place than its beer hall. The potion masters (bartenders) having practically every Harpoon and UFO brew at their fingertips, serving the liquid concoctions to all patrons. Along with such delicious beverages, the beer hall offered tasty soft pretzels.

After making it through the gauntlet of Harpoon, the brewery tour lay ahead. Yes, Harpoon offered a tour of their brewery. Yes, it was cool. It covered the brewing process like most tours and we learned a bit about Harpoon itself. The most glorious part of the tour was the small taproom tucked away inside the brewery. There, they offered tastings of twelve beers (on-tap) for 20 minutes. I felt like Will Ferrel in Old School.

After the tour, we stuck around for some post-tour brews. Of course, I got the flight because inquiring minds needed another tasting just to be sure.

wetting the whistle

Outside and in back of the brewery was the Keg Room. This place was like an outdoor patio with some chairs, tables and tents. Almost like a cookout.


Wherever you were, the beer was good and the atmosphere was that of young professionals, unsure if they wanted a beer or something else (in my case it was beers). Regardless of my affinity for good beer, Harpoon is a class place to spend an afternoon getting acquainted with their beer. With the combo of beer, tours, and pretzels, I’d say they could spear the likes of Moby Dick.

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