Repentless: Slayer’s Current Tour Stopped in Boston

Back on Tuesday, people were shuffling through the Seaport District of Boston on their way to the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion. The throngs of black-shirted individuals made their way into the concert venue, like the March of the Penguins. With a sense of excitement and preparation for the night, I found myself in the midst of the crowd inside the pavilion. People of all ages congregating to see one band, Slayer. Not too long after making my way to my seat, the opener came on.


The first band up was Behemoth. They were almost like a thrash metal version of KISS. They had on the full get-up with some spike clothing and corpse makeup. Overall their sound was good, but it didn’t seem like they were very high up on people’s list of good bands. They didn’t get the crowd all that excited but it was still a nice taste, like some bread before the app.

Lamb of God

My attempt at picture taking during a concert

Then the appetizer came out and it was piping hot. They came on with energy and excitement that got the crowd a bit more amped. Their sound was a bit slower than Behemoth, but they still tore it up. Their lead singer, Randy Blythe, was a madman up on stage, hopping around the stage like an adult in a beer store. They were shredding for us and we reciprocated with screams, head-banging, and horns. After the majority of their set, they went off stage for a bit and the crowd was whooping it up. Them going off stage and coming back on almost came across like an encore. What I’m saying is that the opener basically did an encore and it was awesome. Everyone was riled up.


After Lamb of God, the pavilion went dark. When the lights came back up, there was a huge curtain hiding the stage, which dropped during Slayer’s opening song. That set the tone. Slayer’s stage presence fit their sound perfectly. The stage was covered in flashing colored spotlights with smoke constantly billowing from the stage floor. This combined with their fast paced riffing by Kerry King and Gary Holt and Tom Araya’s fast-singing and screaming made for a class act.

Syn. see: the light show

With a mix of songs from older albums with a few off of Repentless, their set was a composition of the classic Slayer sound. They went up, absolutely tore it up, and walked off. There was very little talking outside of the lyrics. Even then, the sounds of wailing guitars and double-pedaled bass drums filled up most of the night. The set eventually came to a close with the playing of Raining Blood and the entire pavilion screaming at the top of their lungs.

I’d argue that this concert was better than Iron Maiden in terms of music, but no where near Maiden’s level of pageantry. Regardless, what a show.

Yes, these are all my own pictures. It’s why they look less than pro.

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