Music Monday’s: Pets So Heavy

What’s That? Another Week Has Passed You Say? You Know What That Means…

Well folks, here we are, another Monday come and almost gone, good thing I have some more music for you fine feathered people. You must know what Monday’s here at basementbanter mean, but if you don’t I’ll give a a firm yet gentle reminder. It’s time for another installment of Music Monday’s!! Up on the docket for this week, we have one of my new favorites, a group I’ve been jamming quite hard recently, and I hope you all like them :).

Enter Heavy Pets.


Out of Fort Lauderdale, these five guys can really rip. The Pets got their break along the festival circuit, and after gaining some notoriety in that arena playing big name events such as Gathering of the Vibes, The Peach Musical Festival, moe.down, and Bonnaroo, the band started gaining traction with the release of their album, Whale (Part One), a regular on my personal rotation. But enough from me, just check this dudes and if you like them that’s great, and if not it’s cool too! But you know the drill, I’ll just leave these here…



Favorite Tracks: So Thank You Music, Chevrolet, Operation of Flight, John Galt


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