TDIH: August 2

August 2, 1776–> Declaration of Independence Signed

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Oh happy day! Today marks the day that the American Declaration of Independence was officially signed. A total of Fifty-six delegates in Congress signed the declaration, including some who were absent for the vote approving the document. The delegates signed in order of states, North to South, starting with New Hampshire and ending with Georgia. We here at basementbanter tip our caps to all of you wonderful people who once again proved that teamwork does in fact make the team work!

August 2, 1934–> Hitler Becomes the Fuhrer

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You know the drill, there needs to be some bad news because, you know, news. Well allow me to be the bearer of said bad news and inform you that today, August 2, marks the day that Hitler’s rise to power in Germany was complete, becoming the absolute ruler of Germany after President Paul Von Hindenburg died. Adolf was in power from then until his death in 1945, which would signal the end of WWII. Name me another person who gained power through heavy use of propaganda, intense blaming of other people for problems, speaking loudly and passionately about topics that a lot of people are passionate about, and making broad vague claims that everyone can agree on? Go ahead, I’ll wait…


August 2, 1990–> Iraq Invades Kuwait

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At about 2 AM on the morning of August 2 1990, Iraqi forces march into the tiny, oil spoiled country of Kuwait, following the orders of Saddam Hussein. With the capture of the punitive nation, Iraq effectively took control of 20% of the worlds oil reserves, while also giving them a sliver of coastline. The UN subsequently imposed Sanctions after Saddam refused to pull his ~300,000 troops from Kuwait by January 15, 1991. Enter Desert Storm, stage left. While the coalition forces did drive Iraq out of Kuwait, Saddam remained in power. This would be one of the trickiest US foreign relations issues the US would face.


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