TDIH: August 3rd

August 3rd, 1492–> Columbus Sets Out

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So at this point it’s a bit of a polarizing historical event, what with Columbus murdering a bunch of the Native Americans that previously inhabited North America, but something has to be said in a good way about a man who travels across the Atlantic (in 1492 mind you) an discovers a new land. Yea, I know, he was searching for the East Indies and just happened to stumble across this gorgeous landscape, but let’s try to simultaneously thank him, for his accidental discovery and condemn his atrocities, if that’s possible. I believe in us everybody.


August 3rd, 1914–> France and Germany Declare War

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A coupe days after declaring war on Russia, Germany begins it’s plans for a two-front war, declaring war against France. Not long after, France returned the favor. Now that Germany was legally at war with both Russia and France, the conflict that was originally concentrated in the powder keg that was Balkans—which began with the infamous assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo by a Serbian Black Hand nationalist on June 28, 1914, and the armed standoff between Austria-Hungary, Serbia and Russia that followed— blossomed into an all out war.


August 3rd, 1949–> Happy Birthday NBA!!

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Interesting day for sure. If you had told me yesterday that Tom Brady and the NBA shared the same birthday, I would have promptly fact checked you and been excited to find out that you were right. On August 3rd of 1949 the Basketball Association of America (BAA) and the National Basketball League (NBL) merged to create the National Basketball Association. The BAA, formed in 1946, was centered around bigger cities and population centers, with teams in places like New York City, Boston, etc, whereas the NBL was mainly in smaller, mid-market midwestern cities. The two league had representatives meet in NYC on this day to cement the merger that would form the current professional basketball league that we know and love today after some NBL franchises made the move to the BAA.


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