Music Monday’s: I Have Atoned for My Sins

Folks the title is correct. It’s been a busy summer, so I apologize for my transgressions but let it be known, brighter days are ahead for this column, I promise.



For a moment just try and wipe out the Eagles shirt from your memory and lets focus on what’s truly important here. The music folks. The music is what’s truly important here. That much should be clear to you now, and if it’s not, well than, respectfully, get on board. These are the McLovins.


The McLovins are an American band from the Hartford, Connecticut area who take influence from such far reaching places like The Flaming Lips, The Band, and The Meters. They formed in 2009 and have been slowly taking the jam band scene by storm since then. Playing at festivals such as Gathering of the Vibes, the Catskill Chill, and Strange Creek, and getting guest appearances from people like Buddy Guy, George Porter, Jr. and Oteil Burbridge, these guys are the real deal, and they are also REALLY young.


They also got guest production help on their “Who Knows” album in 2012 from Tom Marshall, who is Trey Anastasio’s (of Phish fame) long time writing partner. Check em out and give em all the follows, likes, and listens you can!!



Boy, is this music speaking!! Have a great week everyone!!


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