TIH: August 14th

August 14th, 1935–> Is FDR the GOAT?

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Shouts to the man who kinda secured futures for a bunch of people. Great Looks Franklin! On this day way back then, FDR signed into law the Social Security Act, effectively ensuring an income for the unemployed and retired. Part of his “New Deal” program which helped the country out of the deepest depression it had seen, the SSA was just one of many programs in that Deal that focused on the people, such as the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the Works Progress Administration. For everything and more, Franklin Delano, we thank you!!


August 14th, 1945–> Japan’s Surrender Becomes Public

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Japan had already gave an official letter of surrender to the Allies on August 10th, but fighting continued in the Pacific and Manchuria. On a Japanese state radio station, it was announced that a proclamation accepting the unconditional surrender put forward at the Potsdam Conference would be made. Apparently over 1,000 Japanese soldiers marched on the Imperial Palace and attempted to find this proclamation in hopes of preventing it from being sent. Some soldiers still loyal to the emperor quelled the attempt. Also, that same evening, General Anami committed suicide in an attempt to be spared the embarrassment of officially announcing surrender to his people. Take that Hirohito!

August 14th, 1945–> Happy Birthday Steve Martin!

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More good history! On this August 14th, Steve Martin, one of the greatest comedians/performers/artists of all time, was born in Waco, Texas. Martin spent his adolescent years in California, where he would find work at Disneyland, so he brought his banjo strummin’ and magic tricks with him. There, he went to UCLA and soon after started his career as a comedy writer. He would win an Emmy for his work on the TV comedy, The Smothers Brothers in 1969. But, the 70s are where Martin really took off, when he would perform at comedy clubs. After building success through nightclub shows, Martin could often be seen appearing on The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live. And who could forget his possible goat dad role in Cheaper By the Dozen? Thanks for all your hard work Steve!!

August 14th, 1980–> Lech Walesa is a Total Badass

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At the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland on this day in 1980, workers seized the factory and demanded change. The Polish government, under the USSR introduced higher food and economic austerity policies in the 1980, prompting the takeover. Needless to say the workers were pissed. After taking the factory, their first demand was asking for Lech Walesa to return to his former job, labor leader. Walesa, the leader of the first independent trade union in the Eastern Bloc, was just a savage. He was an electrician by trade, and was fired from the yard in 1976 for being a trade union activist. Just after the workers took control of the shipyard, Walesa formed Solidarity. Solidarity was a Polish trade union that Walesa dreamed would bring together all different types of workers together and create a louder voice. Solidarity would be influential in the downfall of the Soviet Union. In the late ’80s the Soviet Union decided to open up discussions with Solidarity, and in 1989 they officially recognized the Union and allowed for free elections in Poland again. Big shout out to workers rights!!

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